2 lucid dreams last night

I had 2 lucid dreams last night! almost 3. In the second I had a false wake up and i was in a stranger’s car and i realized it was a dream again.

In the LD there was stuff about China and being lost in a car not knowing how to get home. I became lucid because i was too afraid for it to be real.

I ended up finding a gym. A policeman helped me find the gym.This often occurs in my dreams, especially lucid ones. I did a back layout and then decided to stabilize the dream and said “Increase lucidity.”

I woke up, dreamt i wrote the dream down, then woke up and actually wrote it down.

Then I went back to sleep. And I had a second lucid dream. In this one I jumped and flew. Got stuck in the air for a while.

I put most of my energy into enjoying the lucid dreams, so I forgot most of the details.


Great to hear you have had nearly 3 lucid dreams.

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thanks! i had one last night too but i forgot all the memories of it!

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When I wake up from a lucid dream—hopefully having had a chain of them until there is no more REM phase for a return—I lay still for a minute to relive the experience in reverse (as the memory of the last event in the lucid-dream state tends to be the freshest, just like in the waking state).

When I subsequently move to jot down what I recall, I write in the present tense—a tip I got from Stephen LaBerge’s EXPLORING THE WORLD OF LUCID DREAMING, as it reinforces in your subconscious that the experience is not ‘past’ or ‘gone’; it is being replayed like a movie and reinforcing the corollary of great mnemonic recall.

I have got into this routine for years and can vouch for its results. Believe me, I know that frustration when you know you’ve been lucid dreaming but the experience is lost due to our inbuilt mental erasers. You want to avoid that.


If i can find how to avoid it,xd :rofl:


YES! I knew this tip came from somewhere- I just couldn’t find the source!
When I first started lucid dreaming I saw this tip everywhere. In a conversation with a friend we were talking about it and we were trying to remember why this was a suggestion and I struggled to find information on it again. Thanks for providing the source!



@rebeccaelizabeth89 You’re christian, right? Maybe use techniques for stabilisation more in line with your beliefs :slight_smile:

what are some christian techniques for getting more LDs? Maybe asking God for a vision that can be interactive?

In my experience, the most important thing is you understand what you’re saying and expecting. I used to say “increase lucidity x1000” and it worked sometimes. Now I just say “the dream will be more stable now,” or say “and now X will happen.” That’s worked much better for me.

Whatever comes natural to you is best, and if prayer is a natural thing for you, use it. After all, God uses dreams often for visions and the like in the Bible. No reason not to ask.

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