2 more LD's for the count!

In my first 2 LD’s I woke myself with excitment, but since my last log in, I had my 3rd and 4th LD’s! what made these dreams special is, I was able to stablize and stay Lucid over an hour! I was even able to talk to my DC mom! She told me “You will have better dreams, IF you stop your semi-chaotic behavior” When I ask her why the dream was a nightmare before I became Lucid…

Well, I am stillgrounded from the computer, I just thought I would break in the good news! :smile:

Being able to have LD’s without having the frustration of waking up from excitement is awesome! Over an hour? Nice!

Congratulations! That is really great. I just started working on my recall last night and I sort of know how you feel. I was so excited about getting started that all I remember of one of my dreams is being excited about getting started. I woke up to a thunderstorm, but still. I didn’t really dream of anything special, just that I was excited.

Yeah, and since I posted this thread I had one more LD, however my dog woke me up about 6 seconds after it started. (DARN!)