2 seconds of bittersweet lucidity

ok so 2 days ago i had a really vivid dream, and the whole time i was questioning the reality of it, at the very end, i realized i was dreaming and woke up. Then, last night the same thing happened, but with a longer dream. At the very end, i remembered i was dreaming and the lucidity lasted a little longer than last time, but was barely there. I don’t remember getting excited however, so what could have woken me up?

Yeah its so hard to stay lucid. You may want to try the hand rubbing technuqe, and spinning technique, aslo as soon as you get lucid shout “MAXIMIZE LUCIDiTY!”

Maybe your discovery that you were lucid?
Try stop drop and roll like you do if your on fire but do it to gain lucidity.

Mhm, the exact same thing happened to me; [Woke up when realizing I was dreaming)

Some advice quoting from there:


wow thanks for the quick replies guys. If i get another ld tonight ill be sure to try all of those things.

I locked this since, as himebanana pointed out, there already is another topic about this.