2 WILD in 1 night?

Yesterday I was going to sleep, then after reading some posts, I decided that its been a month + now that I’ve tried to do reality checks in dreams and nothings happened. So I said to myself I’m going to MILD + WBTB today, then set the alarm to 3:30.

But I decided, no I’m going to try WILD after reading about something with counting purple dots. I went there listening to this trance induction of lucid dream on my ipod BUT i decided not to follow its instruction and instead do wild with my eyes open.

First time, I started seeing things blurr abit and move round. Then I started seeing purple dots. I was thinking hmmm… I didnt feel like moving, later I started seeing weird patterns and shapes. Also I was breathing a lot deeper, soon I felt my eyes moving weird. I got so excited I smiled and then suddenly I felt something sit on my chest. I was so scared I slapped myself and it stopped. I was so happy and excited and told myself not to be afraid of it because it was so exciting I havent had any LDs and I think I’m having good luck with WILD.

I did a second round!
This time same things happened I felt my eyes flick real fast, and my heart pump and then I felt something sit on me and I couldn’t move it was the same feeling as when I’m having a nightmare and I want to wake up. I forgot what to do next so I just waited for minutes and minutes and then it sorted faded away or something and realised I was snoring which I don’t normally do while being awake. Then I decided it was gone and I got up for a drink. :tongue:

Was that WILD, I’m I doing the right thing? What do you do after you feeling something sitting on you?

Sounds like you got SP which is why you had the hallucination that something was on your chest. Soon you should be able to WILD. I don’t understand how you did it with your eyes open though.

I kept my eyes open at first, then I closed them later after things start to move.
I didnt see anything sit on my chest because my eyes were closed and all there was were purple dots.

What do I do after all that I’ve done? Just wait?

That was most definitely SP.
I think the problem occured when you realized you were snoring. It probably caused you to become too active (mentally). What you should try to do when this happends again is ignore the pressure on your chest and all other sensory input (like hearing yourself snoring, for example). Then try to visualize something, in order to create the beginning of a dream. It’s useful if you can remember a dream that you recently had that you’d like to have again. Visualize it and soon you will find yourself back in the dream.
Good job so far, and good luck :smile:

Oh! I have to visualize a dream?
I just waited for something to happen for 5 minutes and then I started to snore.

I’m going to try that tonight

Yesterday when I was doing it, I didnt feel anything sit on me, but I felt my entire body paralyzed and this needley numb feeling all over my arm and legs. But later on I realised my eyes weren’t really flicking for some reason my eye lids tense up and my eyes are squeezed together so hard that they tense.

cool! you seem to be doing well. SP is tricky for me too. Last time I tried to visualize something but nothing happened. On another ocasion I had HI first (very vivid) and then SP, but I think I got to excited and couldn’t get very far… I have to do WBTB again one of these days…

I guess we just have to keep trying! :wink:

Hmm, every time I do WILD next morning I wake up not realising how I fell asleep last night. Can’t remember a thing.

haha yeah…
The good thing is it seems like you will become very good at WILD. Just keep tyring and be patient and it will come sooner than later.
Remember to try and ignore whatever you feel (physically) and focus more on entering a dream. You should look search for “dream incubation” or VILD and read a bit about those two… it might help with your WILD attempts.

Thanks a lot!
I really would love to be able to do WILD well, I think I’m doing pretty well because with every attempt I’ve at least paralyzed myself, though not to the point to see the old hag.

I can’t find anything on VILD, do you have any links please? :smile:

Just remembered, yesterday I was doing wild, I started seeing scary faces a bit at one point it creeped me out, I couldn’t move so I stayed calm and then told myself to think of something else

Here’s the big VILD topic… :wink:

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … light=vild

I love reading about HH like this. It reminds me of stories where characters claim ghosts or demons sitting on their chests as an attack after they wake up. I’m always like “SP” :slight_smile:

That’s so cool! I want to try to WILD with my eyes open… Did you blink? :razz:

Yesterday was by far the most frightening, I could see this shadowy figure walk around my room then right next to me and reached towards me. I couldn’t do anything I was paralysed! It was like my usual nightmare except me seeing it.

I do blink but not a lot.

don’t let stories of the “old hag” scare you…
remember, at that point (when you are seeing something/ someone moving around in your room), you are basically dreaming already. It shouldn’t be hard to fully enter a dream from there, if you keep your cool and don’t freak yourself out.
Not many people can get to that stage of sleep as frequently as you’ve been doing recently.

I can sort of see them but not as clear as I can see myself etc, but every time I see it, first thing I do is to try and hit it because its trying to strangle me, and when it does try I do feel something on my neck a bit.

I get weird stuff like that too. I don’t know why. It scares me. I wont explain mine though cause I’m not comfortable talking about it. I just thought I’d let you know that your not alone.