2012 Anybody???

So I’ve been doing research, quite in-depth, on the year 2012. yes, I know it’s coming after 2011, and before 2013. I’m looking into the significance of the year in many cultures dating all the way back to the early Mayans. Some interpret it as “doomsday” (then again so was 2000 right???) But many people are debating it to be a period of great enlightenment among the human race. Enlightenment can be taken and expressed in a variety of ways. I am just curious to see if anybody else has put a little time into this subject. Or if anyone has any EDUCATED opinions/ideas to share.

Dammit if I hear mayans and end of the world and 2012 in the same sentence again I’m going to break a wall. Attention world: it is the end of their calander! That’s all. Not the world, just their calander. It had to end sometime, they had limited resources, and its not like they could keep making calander markings all the way up to the year 3000. It means nothing.

One of my good friends (whos a Christian, lol) believes that the world will end in 2012 because its been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that a metor or something will colide with the moon or something and mess up the earths orbit so we wont have any more sun. I just LOL’d.

There are already lots of 2012 topics, just use the search button and you will find them. They are in the lounge forum.