2012 the end.

The end of the world??? I dont belive in this this is like saying monsters in the closet exists to me. Or like putting milk on your toast. I dont belive it will end in 2012 i think this is false. Dont ask why but i do. If you think differently explain why or talk about it.

What is this? I haven’t heard anything about it.

It would be nice if it ended… maybe a good explosion or some intergalactic leeches…

As far as my knowledge extends, 2012 is just the end of a large cycle of years in the mayan calendar. I think people are just blowing it way out of porportion with the end of the world crap.

This kinda reminds me of the “Save Lives In May” thing. :lol:

2012 is when the Mayan Calander suddenly ends… It’s December 12th, 2012. I think that something may happen, but not the end of the world :neutral: 2012 is also a leap year!

The calendar isn’t calculatable like ours?

  1. Sounds about right.

I’ve always had dreams that 6 years from now a comet will come for Earth. If it makes you guys feel better, I never saw the comet hit Earth in my dreams. The comet just heads for Earth. In one of those dreams, I saw a giant hand stop the comet.

Bring it! We can take it for a dance! Muahahahahaha!

[color=darkblue]Well comets orbit the sun generally. I think we know about most of them. It’s the asteroids in the belt between jupiter and mars that are a problem but do I think the world will end in 2012?


I have faith in humanity. We can handle any crises that may arise.

it probably will end by 2012 cause all the idiot governments are gunna ruin everything and people are just going to go crazy and blow everything up with their nuclear weapons becuase they dont care about why we’re here.

That might have happened during the Cold War, but it’s not likely now, thank God. We should be more careful about the environment, though.

Keyword: Should

Though, you probably are right. Actualy an atomic bomb was almost dropped on North Korea during that war, but we resisted the temptation. So I think there’s a good chance we won’t blow ourselves up with nukes.

The problem with end of the world theories is that none of them ever proven to be right before…

Also people do eblieve that something extraordinary will happen because somewhere deep down every living person thinks that we are some way more special than the ones before us. That is why every generation had their prophets that foretold the apocalypse and will always have them.

I bet that when the big end really comes it will come at a point of time that NOBODY EVER IN HISTORY foretold.

I have dreamt of the apocalypse several times but it never said when it will come.

naaa… the world wont end… i am gonna stay up all night december 11th 2012 tho… lol. Either that or have a lucid dream that night… I wonder what happens if u die in real life, while having a lucid dream. Maybye you stay in the lucid dream for ever. That basically turn u into a god…

I wonder: It’s all in the realm of fiction now, but we are bound to expand our great human civilization to other celestial bodies someday. When we start inhabiting other planets, will apocalypse theories even be valid anymore? Even if humans on Earth or a colony were to be wiped out somehow, humanity would still survive, at least for a while.

Are you NUTS??? This would be terrible. If anyone thinks it should end then they should. Sorry but this is not right. No one should think the world should end.

I don’t think that saying that the world will end make any sense, but the Earth could be smashed by the comet, that probably wont destroy the Earth, but will kill a lot of people. Sometimes I think that could be better if the humanity is destroyed, that will end much stupid or bad human conduct that cause suffering; sometimes I have more hopes in a change in humanity.

Actually I would worry about the comets more than the asteroids. There are billions of comets shooting all over our little piece of known space(most of them do not posess any linear path, especially not an orbit around our sun) , these chunks of ice are travelling with enough velocity and mass to easily destroy earth. Now the asteroids are given more publicity, but in reality the asteroids(in the belt) are spread so far apart that you could fly right through the thickest concentration of them and not hope to come within tens of thousands of miles of one.

On the other hand I absolutely agree with your opinion that the world won’t end in 2012. I’ve always believed that prophecies and scheduled end-of-the-world scenarios are a bunch of bull, and I can’t see how this is any different. From a scientific standpoint a calendar is merely a device synchronized with a repeating naturally occuring event in order to keep track of elapsed time(which is in itself completely relevent). So I would have to say that any theory that claims that this calendar is some kind of doomsday countdown, doesn’t have any scientific grounds to support it. Now I’ve always kept an open mind…but you shouldn’t keep such an open mind that you can see daylight on the other side(if you catch my drift…). Just my .02. :shrug:

you know, it odd you should say that. Acording to sone weird thing I hear about 2 years ago, some planet’s moon will eventually colide with the earth and whipe out two thirds of life. it is funny you saw a giant hand blocking it, sounds alot like gods hand. I’ll try to look into the future next time I LD.