24 Member Council and The Book of Revalation.....

First…read the Book of Revalation and try to comprehend all the symbolism…then read this snipping from a news articles

“The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, is planning to put forward detailed proposals at the UN in the autumn for reform of the security council to try to mend some of the damage done by disagreements over the Iraq war. The Foreign Office confirmed yesterday that it wants to see the 15-member security council expanded to 24 to provide a more realistic reflection of world opinion. The security council has remained unchanged since the formation of the UN at the end of the second world war.”


more interesting reading…

I used alot of my bible for rolling papers, could you just explain the connection for us?

yeah same here, i took the pages out of the back so no one would notice they were gone, so i cant really read most of revelation. Please explain the connection.

If you two smoked your bible I’m not really sure why you’re interested in an explaination. Why would any thing it has to say affect you?

Instead of repeating the whole chapter here, try these links:
bible.com - provides the bible in many translations

I believe in god, im christian, i just needed a paper a few to many times when i couldnt find anything else. It’s not a big deal, i could always get a new one.

In the Dream Diary section, there is a topic entitled “Joint Dream!!”

Sounds like something you might be interested in.