28weeks later, not for the light hearted : )

hey again, i do not know about you guys, but sometimes i like to try and scare my self to death so to speak, just to see how i am dealing with my own fear’s, so maybe one-day if i face more fears in lds, then that ability will come to me in life.
i haven’t done this yet, but to be honest, i do not really like zombie movies, they move so damn slow, that i could kill a whole army of them easy, but that’s until i saw the 28 horror flicks, these damn zombies don’t move slow, they will sprint after you until they get you, i just thought this would make a good survival lucid dream, see how long you can last agianest these zombies, break into shops arm your self!!!, so basically just turn all the dc’s in your ld like those zombies from the 28 horror flicks hehehe have fun, well that’s if you wanna face some serious fear bye : )

I’ve had zombies in my dreams before, they are quite humorous.

I saw that film 28 weeks later (as have I seen 28 days later). Some of it was pretty gory, mostly though I was just thinking how pretty that girl’s eyes are :razz: ~ overall a great film to watch for zombie/horror fans.

Not a fan of the fast zombies myself but they sure would be more dangerous. But zombie dreams are awesome no matter which type you have. I suggest the classical chainsaw approach. Crowbar, is pretty nice too.

I love Zombie movies.

I had I dream that I went into this farm, and it was infested with zombies. All of animals were gone, probably eaten by the zombies. At the end, I climbed to the top of this huge fence. I was trapped and died.

But, I had bad Dream Recall that night.

I had two zombie dreams in a row a while ago. They both had the fast zombies. The first one was on an island and the second one was in a big city. It was cool :cool: . A zombie LD is on my list as soon as I have one.

I always wanted to face the marvel zombies (basically marvel super heroes like spiderman as zombies.)

mmmmh, well, i have never really transformed any DC’s but if , i wouldn’t do this sorta thing … (im not into horror) also , dont you think its a bit of a waste of LD time transforming all of your DCs , than run away from them ? :razz:

I had a dream like this once… It’s in my DJ titled “Rage virus dream” I think…

But it’s there… Take a look if you want.

I’ll try and LD it sometime, too…

This is an awesome idea! I have always wanted to do this IRL, but now I’ll try it in a dream. Thanks for the idea.

I don’t know how many times that’s been said in the forum… lots :wink:

Still, it’s a great idea :smile:

my fellow zombie hunters:)
have fun:)
i only come across the soft zombies, one punch and you cave in there skulls:)