2d dream?

So,i was watching family guy, and I got this idea… Has anyone had a dream in 2 dimensions like a cartoon? If so, what was it like? I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t know how I would make something like this happen…

Several, in fact. There’s even people who occasionally dream in retro :tongue:

Of course, behavior of dreams is influenced by our daily life, so most of the time, it would be like watching a cartoon, or playing a 2D game. There’s been people who have willingly restricted themselves to 2 dimensions in a LD, like Wyvern. You can check out his DJ to read it :content:

I think it’s hard to talk about dimensions within dreams. Most dreams feel 3D because that’s what we are used to but the dreams might as well be 4 dimensions.

It’s not really necessary to go all metaphysical in this topic, you know :wink: the question was just if we had some dreams that resembled a cartoon, or a 2D game.
In fact, from my experience, it’s just like watching one, to the point I would occasionally “zoom out” and comment on what I was watching to the others present.

I have dreams like this almost all the time. :lol: they usually feel like I’m watching cut scenes from a 16-bit style video game (whether it exists IRL or not) unfold. Come to think of I’ve never become lucid during these kinds of dreams but when i can, I’d imagine it’d be cool watching things unfold (or to even manipulating events to achieve a desired outcome) :tongue:

:yes: I have vague memories that Ive had cartoon dreams and perhaps one or another 2d-dream :tongue: they are rare though :peek:

I’ve never done it before, but I can’t imagine that its impossible.

I had one, really good one, kind of in the world of the anime Bleach. 'Course, I wasn’t really physically participating in it. More like I was controlling my body and speech, but detached, video-gamey.

well it better be easy for me because 99.99% of my wanted dreams are in cartoon form. :grin: believe me…when i hit lucidity im gonna automaticlly turn myself into some sort of cartoon charecter :tongue: i’ll try to upload a drawing of my wanted cartoon form soon :smile:

Don’t think I’ve ever had a 2-d dream where I was an actual 2-d character in a 2-d world…but I’ve dreamt that I was playing 2-d video games.

I think it is because my mind has no clue what it would feel like or look like to be a 2-d character. I’m just a 3-d being. : p

How does it feel to be 2D like? :eh:
Body feelings, perception, etc. Tell :happy:

After playing lots of CoD: MW2 for days, I dreamt about it. In middle of the dream, I was wondering why do my weapons change after every death… when I realised that I was dreaming, the whole dream (or the game) messed up and I was like “What_the_f…
Then I woke up… did not realise to take the control of the dream.