2nd LD Experience

I wasn’t LDing successfully for some weeks now. I had a great experience when I first stumbled on this site. But, then block.

This morning I was dreaming: I was returning home from a walk. I entered a building, but it wasn’t mine. I was confused. Then, realized I was lost. I was going from room to room and would see people dwelling I didn’t recognize. I wanted to get out and began a panicked rush through the place. I climbed a ladder and it led to someones room. The light was bright and he saw me. He greeted me as an intruder. I began going down the ladder. He was quick on the ladder and kicked me as he passed me. At the bottom he confronted me, threatening to attack. (this is interesting. i recently began a training in a japanese martial arts.) I began thinking about my current need to employ Aikido. Upon doing this I realized I was dreaming! Quickly becoming Lucid. I allowed him to attack. Though I defended myself awkwardly I overcame his attack. This was followed by an intense feeling of accoplishment.

I would rather have more control in LD. But, the reward WAS sweet on this occasion.

Loving LD play!