2nd Lucid Dream, what a thrill!

I’m going through a gradual evolution. I do believe that I am advancing as an LDer. I just had my 2nd “full-blow LD”.

I went to bed at 12:30 a.m. with the intention of having an LD (a repeating mantra). Rather shoddily, I attatched a speaker to the post of my bed. Playing was Chopin’s 2nd mvt. from his 1st concerto. A peaceful piece. By doing this I hoped to awaken the logicality of my brain during dreams. I fell asleep around 12:50 and then woke up soon after at 6:15 a.m. No dreams yet. I decided to try a little WBTB, so I stayed awake for half an hour, the music still plays. Towards the end, I changed my position, from facing up (common position) to my right side (much more comfortable). At around 6:45 I was asleep.

I cannot remember the music having anything to do with the dream, but the dream took place in my room. Apparently some kids were fighting outside my doorway. I opened the window (it was daytime) and one kid got inside and we discussed acting (as I am a director and very interested) ;soon enough I looked into the mirror and the hair sprouting from my cap came down over my face like an ultra-fast hair-growing. I said to myself “I’m dreaming, I must be dreaming.”

From that point I ran toward the entrance of my house to visit a friend. I was thoroughly excited. It was after I exited the house that, alas, I lost my precious lucidity. I remember looking at my hands to attempt to stabilize the dream, but my excitement got to the better of me. Oh well…

Anyways, do any of you, LDer’s have any suggestions on the best method to maintain LD’s?

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i’ve heard that feeling objects in your dreams when your losing it helps a lot. also, if you rub your hands together or spin it helps too. then there’s always the verbal commands. congrats on your 2nd LD, you are definately progressing well. :cool_laugh: bet ya can’t wait till your 3rd! :content: