3 failed attempts

In this last month, I had 3 close calls with lucid dreaming. In the first one, I was in a car, that was underwater. I could breath, so I knew I was dreaming, but didn’t control anything.

The second one, I was dreaming, and I was talking to my friend about how I was going to have a lucid dream and eat carrots in it. Then, I dreamed I had a lucid dream.

The third one was very recent. I was outside of a hotel room, and looked at my hand. My fingers were short and fat, so I knew I was dreaming, but I kept the dream in control.

Last night (this morning) I did a WILD after I woke to someone texting me on my phone. I tried 3 times, each time with different things happening:

  1. I saw white lines going really fast, kind of pulsing, and heard electrifying noises.
  2. I got very hot and sweaty, and kept hearing footsteps in my room.
  3. I saw elves counting with me, a man performing experiments and talking to me, and just generally weird stuff like that.

What was strange about the third one was that I felt huge. I could clearly tell that this man was in my head, and he was tiny. At one point, I felt totally disconnected from my body, like I could watch myself. I tried rolling, but I hit my head on the nightstand.

Is there anything I should do differently tomorrow morning?

Those are all sleep paralysis, where your body thinks your asleep but your minds awake. It causes weird things to happen which are only you imagination, so don’t get freaked out. Try searching it on the forums and you will find a lot about it. I don’t really do WILD so i’m not the expert to talk to.

Just search it and you will find solutions.

Ohh! And Welcome to the forums :welcome: .

:happy: The first time i ever got to say that.

Err, no sleep paralasis is not that.^^ sleep paralysis is when the body paralysis the body just before you enter the dream world (it will feel like intense vibrations). Sounds like you reached some powerful HI, and were entering the dream world, your heard sounds which means you were even closer. Keep trying maintain it longer, remain aware.
Oh and welcome. :smile:

Like i said i am no expert on WILD… :sad:

dude its no big deal. chill out :content:

I forgot to mention, my body did feel numb. I could still move all of my limbs, but it was harder.

actually dude, it’s both. Technically your body is “asleep” and your mind is “awake”. well aware mostly. your both right.

and back on topic ,
Your not doing anything wrong, SP is a tool you can use to enter An LD using WILD. Like you can wake up and don’t move, you can imagine things and enter a dream. Search it up on the site, it’s all there for you :grin: