3 LDs in 2 nights

Hi all, a 19 year old boy from Sweden here.

In my life I have had around 3-4 LD’s until this week, and about the same number sleep paralysis (only 1 with eyes open). I didn’t know anything about lucid dreaming or that it was possible to train yourself to get lucid until I found some info about it on the net last week.

I remember that the LDs didn’t last very long only some mins then I woke up and I didn’t try to control anything in the dream, I only ran around and did forbidden things cause I knew it was a dream.

One week ago I visited some webpages conserning lucid by mistake, and found myself very interested. I wanted to develop my lucid skills if I had any. But monday-friday I went to the military and only slept about 5h/day, and forgot the whole thing.

But friday 04.00 2h before we go up, I get lucid in a dream and for the first time I try to move stuff and it worked, in the dream I was immortal and defeated 6-8 people with machine guns with my bare hands. The dream last a couple of mins.

We are free over the weekends, so I get the chance to sleep in my own bed this time, and I was very very tired.

Saturday 08.30 I get lucid, after I got lucid everything become black and I am in my old bed where I slept 2-3 years ago. I close my eyes and think about a hot girl and when I open them it is a girl in my bed. But I cant get a good look at her, I feel very very tired I have hard to keep my eyes open, and get a false wakeup (but I dont knew that in the dream). I am very pissed cause my dad/sister wake me up (still in my old room) and now I wake up in my real bed for real. I go up and go to the toilet and go to bed again, cause I am so tired after the military.

10.00 I get lucid again, this time I look at a paper to see if I am lucid, I cant focus on the text and I cant move the paper closer to my eyes then 30 cm. This time I get the feeling I get teleported and I think about the spirit guide (read about it on the forum) and I decide to meet it. I see a tree in my room from my bed, looks like a weeping willow from a computer game, and I ask it, Who are you? and after a mili-secound it reply something like: am I you or me ?, maybe he wanted me to understand he was in my head, and I wake up. I think I wake up cause I asked the question with words (maybe I talked in the sleep) next time I will try to think the question instead of talking.

I hope I get lucid next night also, I dont know why I suddently got 3LD in 2 nights. I have never kept any dreamjournal, done special techniques to get lucid or train RC, but I have it easyto remember dreams I allways remember 1-3 dreams each morning. I have to remember spin and rub my hands next ld.

Is this normal? I feel everything happends so fast.

sorry for my bad english, english have allways been my weakest subject.

Well, don’t know if you have a dream journal but if you remember 1-3 dreams every night without having one then you have good dream recall talents :smile: … Dream recall is the first key to lucidity, and if you suddenly start thinking about LDing a lot it’s not that strange. Now if you can manage to have 1-3 LDs every night from now on without any additional training well then you must be very talented :wink: Congratulations anyway! :content:

thx :smile: , I think I sleep very light if I compare with my friends, I allways wake up directly after my clockalarm goes off or if I hear a sound, except one time I was so tired I couldn’t barely hear my clock. Sometimes I can sleep and dream at the same time someone is talking in the room and remember what the were talking about when I wake up.

If I sleep in the same room as my friends and we have an alarm clock go off, I wake up way faster than them.

Nothing has happend on 4-5 days now except today, when I understood I was dreaming in the dream, then I woke up.

But I have had very litle sleep these nights, one good new is that I gonna have to interrupt the military thing, casue my bad hearing.

So now I got over a year free, I gonna try the WBTB, seems like it help me greatly to get lucid. :wiske: