3 LDs last night-used a very different technique

This is amazing for me, since i hadn’t had a LD for at least a month. I was starting to wonder if i would ever have another LD. And then, last night it happened. I had 3 Lds. They were a little shorter than LDs i’ve had in the past but they were LDs nonetheless.
So ‘what’s the technique?’ i hear you ask.
Ok, i just say what happened. A few days ago i was chatting to someone about LDs. They said that they could have them any time they wish. I was a little skeptical about this and asked them their technique. All they said was that they just put the intent into their mind and then they will have a LD. I thought, ok perhaps that might work. I didn’t think much of it and then i just thought -in a low state of consciousness when i was ready to fall asleep- that i’ll see if i can have a LD by just having the intent. I was also thinking that i would actually have one. Like i was expecting it. And well i did have a LD. Mind you, that was the only technique i used. i didn’t even think about LDs yesterday until then.

The other 2 LDs came after i woke up. I kept the same expectation and intent as before. It was strange, because it also seemed as if there wasn’t too much time between falling asleep and having a LD (maybe about one minute or less)

Summing it up:
Went to sleep with intent and had a LD
Woke up
Went to sleep with intent and had a LD
Woke up
Went to sleep with intent and had a LD
Woke up

I think i may have said something similar to this before but this time its all in the feeling. It’s like the same feeling and expectation that ‘magic’ will work in LDs. Except i used it to have 3LDs.

Congratulations Alex…well the tech u used is the same that works best 4 me…I intent to have one and really go for that intention with passion…and it works…not always right away but soon always…wanting something real bad is picked up by your subconsciousness…if u have some basic talent to for this…because i dont think all ppl will succeed in getting a ld…like u have many levels also on meditating or hypnosis and those things are related to genetics and your neurological networks to…

But yes it works good 4 me to…
Go 4 it alex…


congratzz! you make it sound so easy. now i have this “thats it?” -feeling… :wink: …ok, so i’ll try that…i’m going to have ld tonight.

Claudia, try to feel…experience that intention the whole day…u must really live it…for me it can take sometimes some days but then i have a ld with this method! codeword here is PASSION!


Yeah, i agree with Jeff. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It is sometimes hard to get the right feeling and believe that you will have an LD you have to remove all doubt in your mind. I guess this technique will be easier for naive people. Just tell them that the’ll have an LD and they will believe it and they will then have an LD :content:
The smarter ones among us will have to try a little harder though. :sad:

Wait a sec… Are we speaking of the MILD technique now?

It sounds like some sort of willpower-expectation MILD/autosuggestion combination…

I also have experience with this type of thing. One of my LD I said, “Today makes it 7 days without a LD and I should technically have one right now to keep my intended LD schedule”. My first LD I said someting like, “Tonight I will finally have my first LD”. My LD#7 was because I was frustrated in not having a LD in such a long while, but I guess this one doesn’t relate.

Lucidityx1000 its not a normal mild!

That is because its done with most passion and really craving to have one…living that craving from your essence…so not with your head…like i want one…thats to rational…no no…thats only the surface of this tech…
The easiest way to explain this is to use an example like a little kid that knows he gets for his birthday a bike…
And he so strong wants that bike…that wow…he dreams of it…not so strange because the boy was consciously thinking of it the whole day as well as subconscious…because the craving, strong wanting for the bike was never out of his system…even when he was consciously busy with other things…the subconsciousness was filling in the experience from how it would be to ride that new bike…pure association…He even dreams about it at night…wanting…filling in the experience…wanting…
This tech needs full dedication…not just a routine u do…but it works 4 me the best…it really does!

So what should u call this…think pilot already said it…

Now I think of it, this way will be eassier for the associative passionate ppl…not to rational or left brain related ppl…they could beter do a normal mild…because this has to come pure from feeling…association!
Remember we have a topic about the differences between left and right brain related to lucid dreams…well here u got such a difference i think…

I dunno… i’m sure it will work and everything thing, but i’d call this a MILD. It may not be a normal MILD but its a varition. Just like there is more than one RC or diffrent things you can do to try to get a WILD…

True Neo…its a sort of wild but i think pilot described it best!
Its a mix…of tech

I think that that technique works best for people who have had lucid dreams. I was trying that for a long time and everynight I was like, ‘damn, I remember my dreams, now its time for me to get LD’ and I was very sure I would have one. never got one that way. I definetely think I was dedicated enough, I was reading stuff about dreams all the time, explaining it to people (like I got chosenone interested in LDs) etc.
maybe there was something I wasnt doing right…

Yes that might be very true, i only know, I use this method after I had already lucid dreams and I became lucid spontaneously…didnt even knew the word then…
I dont believe everybody can get lucid…there is also a part of born talent with it…
Would be interesting to know how many of the ppl that try to get lucid, get lucid in lets say 3 years after they try.
I said it before like meditation and hypnosis all ppl have a different talent for things…like i give the best meditation tech and knowledge to someone with a real non talent for meditation…well he or she cant profit then from it because the basic skill is missing…and a real natural talent wil find out anyhow…anyway…same for wild and mild…not nice, but true i guess!

But dont give up … :smile:
Keep beleaving u can do it!

Mild- done on the evening,bases on intention done throughout the day or before sleep.
That was definately Mild:)

Well, I did one of those tests and it said that i was left brained (not that i needed a test, i already knew) and i got a score of 16 leftbrained to 2 rightbrained. So, i guess anyone can really use it, but i agree that it might be easier for the rightbrained.

And Jack, well… i have had a MILD before and these were not mild. It’s more like i hypnotysed myself in some sort of way. I agree, they are pretty similar and if someone hasn’t experienced both of them then they might get confused between the two. But i can assure you that they are different techniques.