30 Days to a Lucid Mind

Hey guys,

I’m starting today on a 30 day quest - of sort - to become proficient in the art of lucid dreaming. A bit of background about myself:

5 days ago i had only heard of lucid dreaming once or twice before but didn’t really know what it was. I have never had a lucid dream before, but i am confident that i will in the next 30 days.

I came across some forums on the topic and found that this one has easily the most friendly group of dreamers on the internet and i thought it would be the most appropriate place to document my progress.

Things that i will document on this page:

[i]- Daily Tasks and Goals in WL and inside the Dream

  • Techniques being tested.
  • Links to a journal of my dreams each night
  • Comments about my progress[/i]

Note: This list will likely grow as i formulate a proper format over the coming days.

:help: i need feedback from you as a form of motivation and direction and i invite anyone who is committed to join me on my quest to gain control of the third of my life that I’m missing out on each night. :help:

Will now continue with my results from the previous night in the next post.

Thanks for reading,


Welcome to LD4all :colgate:

I wish you luck on your quest and can’t wait to see your progress!

:sleep:‘Last Night’:sleep:

I awoke this morning with large smirk spanning across my face as i realized that the night that had just occurred had been quite prosperous.

For the past 5 days i have been halfheartedly indulgent in some techniques i had read on the forums during my sleep. 2 nights ago i was quite perplexed to discover i had absolutely no dream recall and i have never been able to recall more than one dream over the past 5 days, however, last night something interesting happened. I remembered a total of 3 dreams, maybe four for the first time ever in my life. while i did not achieve lucidity, i was proud of my achievements.

Techniques Used Last Night

Writing all my occurrences during the day in WL before going to bed
Reality checking whenever i see something unusual
Listening to a trance tape called “Curse Lucid Dreaming”
Vitamin B6
Apple Juice
That Hand technique where you look at your hands for 10 minutes when you fall asleep

The ones in bold are the ones i will continue to do the next night. at the moment - all of them

Dream Journal - https://community.ld4all.com/t/oooobs-dream-journal/33056/1



[i]-Reality Check A lot

  • Write Dream Journal Online
  • Do everything in bold in the list from last night
  • Try a MILD technique (don’t know which exact one i will use yet)
  • Use in conjunction with a WBTB[/list][/i]


Tonight’s the night!

Sweet Dreams, and remember to Reality Check,


welcome to LD4all :smile:

You could combine this with your actual journal. In the past, I have found dream journals very inspiring when you can also follow the things the dreamer does in real life on their quest to lucid dream. One idea would be to have the background in separate posts to the dreams. (just private message a moderator if you would like these posts moving to your journal :thumbs: )

Hey there moogle! :happy:

Thanks for the advice;

I’ll be sure to post my actual journal from now on too, as i have been keeping one anyway, so may as well.



Im following your quest! :smile: It’s kindda cool to find someone who is new to the Lucid Dream World. Unlike me, I have Lucid dreams, every since I was born ( no joke) I just decoveried I had Lucid Dreams, and I want to learn more about it, even though Im dreaming it. You said you had 3 dreams in one night? Were you Lucid? Were you able to do things, talk, eat, fly, be friends with Fiction people, and be friends with your worst emeny in real life, and talk to people who you would never talk to in real life. This is all part of Lucid… Oh, and did you find your dream sign yet?

  I'll be reading it!  Go to the Dream Journal fourm, and read my dream from last night! I had 6, and maybe you would get inspired on what's it like to Lucid Dream. Worth Seeing! it's called: reamGirl19 Dream last night :smile:   make sure you comment once you read it!

:peek: Last Night :peek:

Last night was an interesting night and i wasn’t particularly focused on my goal of lucid dreaming. i read a book before calling it a night when i listened to the usual curse tape. Took some B6 and dozed off with the worries of the world on my mind.

i woke up at 5:30 and went back to sleep, not doing a mild as i did not remember a dream to visualize. i woke up several more times and did remember dreams but forgot to MILD. DAMMIT. however one of the times i fell asleep i remember trying to breathe through my nose, and it felt like my entire upper body was inhaling air. i then woke straight up for some unknown reason.


i remembered 3 dreams though. and in them i found 3 recurring dream signs.

Will post links to my

Dream Journal && Waking Journal

:grin: Today :grin:

-Reality Check A lot

  • Prospective Memory (Starting to recognize dream signs so i think this would be useful)
  • Write Waking Journal from yesterday online (will do this tonight)
  • Write Dream Journal Online (will do this tonight)
  • Do everything in bold in the list from the 1st night
  • Try a MILD technique (Will Try the LaBerg Method)
  • Use in conjunction with a WBTB

Sweet Dreams,


Great progress :smile: Make sure you don’t try too hard, some people get their first LD after trying, because they tried too hard at first.

I think you will get more then one within 30 days :smile:

Congrats, Don’t give up on your goal! Did you get Lucid when you tried the stareing at your hands for 10 min. ? I tried this, and strangely, it worked! I was Lucid, AND I acomplished my Goal. ! :nuu: The One of me seeing my friends/Twin in Korea! I didn’t go to Korea myself, but one of my friends found me at my school, ( I was so shocked to see him in my town) I was on a yauht, and I saw my F4 friends ! My twin I didn’t see, maybe I’ll superise her In Seoul. i’ll try that cross-worlds thing tonight. Great News! As of today,I am going to post my Dream Journal of here! hope I get lots of followers! :wiske:

Day 3

:wink: Last Night :wink:

Okay, so,

Last night was - in loose terms - amazing. I find it hard to even remember the exact amount of dreams i remember but it would have been 5 maybe 6. In one of them i was Completely Lucid for the majority of the dream :shy: . I’m pretty sure i used either a DEILD or a WILD. i remember visualizing some things while my body dozed off and i saw a monk with his legs crossed meditating in my mind and i decided to wake up. it felt as if i was being lifted up out of my real body and i slowly awoke do a very real world. I soon reality checked and realized i could float and breath through my nose. The dream world was very real and it was almost a perfect representation of my house in WL.

I soon learned the importance of having a predefined intent when you fall asleep LAWL. But i will post more about this in my dream journal tonight.


I think its important to note i drank 100% apple juice - that i myself juiced from real apples when i went back to bed after awakening after about 6 hours sleep (no alarm clock).

Also when i started to try WILD / MILD when i 1st went back to sleep i found i kept getting very itchy. it was very annoying. haha.

Finally last night before i fell asleep i decided i would like to see a friend that i haven’t seen in about a a year in WL in one of my dreams. It happened. saw her for what seemed like a good 10 minutes and met all her new friends.

Dream Journal!

:eek: Today :eek:

-Reality Check A lot

  • Prospective Memory (Will Post the ones i used tonight)
  • Write Dream Journal Online (will do this tonight)
  • Do everything in bold in the list from the 1st night
  • Try a MILD technique (Will Try the LaBerg Method)
  • Use in conjunction with a WBTB[/color]

Guess i can change my lucid dream count to one now :cool:

Making More Progress XD

Sweet Dreams,


haha woooooo. i certainly will be following. your dreams are awesome =]

congrats on the goal!,


:slide: :woot: :boogie: :yay: :yay: :boogie: :woot: :slide:

Congrats on your first lucid dream! I liked the part that Andy and Hamish said to you, that pretty much sums up my lucid dreams.

You’re getting the hang of this pretty fast! Congrats again!

Wow! Congrats on your LD!
Your dedication is very inspiring! I’m surprised how quickly you reached your goal, and I’m sure you’ll continue to make some very good progress.
I also like how you are very optimistic and are NOT put down by mistakes or other problems! :smile:

Very inspiring! I should learn from this and I, too, will make it my goal to become lucid within these 30 days!
Congrats once more! :thumbs:

3 days into the program and already a LD :happy:

Welcome and Good Luck!
You’re a really fast learner :happy:

Any luck today? I hope you didn’t give up on us! :tongue:

Day 4

:wiske: Last Night :wiske:

Okay, so,

Last night was not as successful as the night before in some regards, i.e, i did not have a lucid dream. however, the night before, due to my state of lucidity being such a shock and pleasant surprise to me, i could not get back to sleep. This meant that i awoke at about 6am. lawllll. this made me relatively tired yesterday and last time i went to bed after being ill-rested i remembered no dreams at all! :confused:, however, luckily last night i still remember about 3. XD so in my opinion I’m still making progress! There’s always tonight! :grin:


I have been reading about the art of Image Streaming and Visualization. i find this to be very interesting and has unraveled a skill i never even knew i had. Prospective Memory is so much easier if you visualize!! try it! (will add into MILD technique)

Will be trying a WILD technique tonight. Could anyone point me in the direction of the one they think works best?? :help: :help: :help:

:woo: Today :woo:


  • Prospective Memory
    (1 - Fist time i use the toilet after lunch,
    2 - First time i talk to one of my work mates,
    3 - First time i see a green shirt,
    4 - First time i see a bird)
  • Write Dream Journal Online (will do this tonight)
  • set a clear set of goals that i want to accomplish during my lucid dream tonight
    (Reach the school i used to go to and explore =])
  • Use a WILD technique in conjunction with a WBTB

Long term goal

In 3 months, i will remember 4 dreams every night and be lucid in at least 2 of them

Today is the 31/7, therefore on the 1/10. just in time for my birthday XD

Sweet Dreams,