300,000,000 population

have you guys heard about the recent 300,000,000 population bust (in the US and A)? why is everyone making such a big deal about it on
the news and stuff?

This is the lucid lounge forum, and it its description says : if you want to talk about something else than dreams, etc. 300 million people is a lot, but it is still only 5% of the world’s total population. so even in usa, most people are foreign :tongue:

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[color=darkblue]Imagine how we feel! Tiny country… 60,000,000 people!

At least you have all the space in the middle! :lol: [/color]

It just seems crazy that in less than 40 years, we’ve gained another 100 million people. :eek:

Yae the population really scares, I mean you know the government has got to be thinking that something needs to done about it. Its what they do about it that scary. Please poloticians dont blow us up.

There are much easier ways to stop the population from decreasing, from the POV of a government… of course, none of them are nice for the people, but they work. Just make the country less child-friendly :razz:. Make sidewalks narrower, less parks, less playgrounds, higher fees for school… anything that might discourage people from having kids.

Maybe the population is increasing because we’ve simply gotten better medicine. Before, if you were sick, you died. Today, there is a cure for a lot of things. You can even get bodyparts replaced and all that…

the problem is in a cluster of billions of people you really only need a handful yourself, but since we are so stratified and disconnected from each other through our modern societal conventions of individualism it’s like a huge messy abstract collage of all sorts of colors of people that doesn’t entirely make sense

so where do you find true connection ?

well probably right exactly where you are.

it just seems a bit perplexing really though… i’m conscoius, are the 6 or 7 billion other people just fragments of my imagination? because if the answer is no, which it almost certainly is… isn’t that mindblowing, that there are 7 billion other me-s walking around right now! Exactly the same as me (and as you) thinking, perceiving, contemplating, encountering…

I cant really fathom a 6 billion population. When I look at something Foot ball (Go Calrolina Panthers) and I see all those people in the stands, and think thats not even a quarter of one percent of the population it really blows my mind.

Well, were too may on this planet.

thats my view to it.

As someone I was talking to the other day put it," Just take the safety labels off everything and let the problem solve itself."

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

[color=darkblue]Can you imagine the insurance claims![/color]