360 degree vision

So the movie “waking life” gave me the idea of 360 degree vision? Can it be done? Anyone of you did it? ME personally cant really imagine how would that be but i wanna try sometime.

After I saw that movie, I was wondering the exact same thing! Haven’t been able to get that… I only tried once really though hehe…

i wanted to make a thread about that , too , now you did :razz:
its place 3 on my to do list :happy:

Here’s an idea… try spawning yourself some additional eyes on the back/sides of your head! … for those who can morph easy PLEASE TRY AND REPORT BACK! hehe

thats the way this dude did it , right ? , well , my recall is returning so we might soo have a result :happy: also it would be interresting to have just ONE cyclopean eye :happy:
greets , Sakoda

Panorama view…

When I saw that movie I was like “is this with real people?” yea it was weird. Having 3d effects in ur dream…that might be interesting

I do indeed belive that this is how it would be done.

its not of much interest to me. seems kinda boring.

why ? it literally opens up new horizons :lol: dang , didnt remeber to do it tonight (didnt remeber any of my to do list for that matter …)

I think almost all the people that had an LD had something like,“I can’t see behind me but i know all the things that exist”,or have a vision like a movie camera!If something is going to happen you know it,you can see it and think of what is behind you!

A problem that could occure is what happens to computers!The pc’s are not doing parallel prosseces but they do one then the other,then the other, with a linear way,so fast that you can’t understand that is happening!So,in something like that,you will first see what happens front and then if you want see what happens on the back!Not both on the same time!

So, Dawns Death you think it cant be done at all? I was thinking, if i can do anything in a dream that i can imagine, how can i do things that i cant imagine? Cause me presonally, i cant really imagine this 360 vision thing. :sad:

Yup!It’s like imagining the fourth dimension!Unfortunately it can’t be done!
It would be fun:P
If someone can think of it then i’d like to hear it:):smiley:

Maybe,he can make me change my opinion:P

I had a LD once aaaaaaa 14 mounts ago… I think… never mind. So in that LD I turn myself in a parrot. And my eyes separated and I sow just like a parrot would. So I guess you can turn in some fiction creature who has eyes all over its head and there you go 360 vision.
P.S. Sorry for my bad English

i would do it by turning around in slow circles and using my hands to make what is on the horizon stretch and trace itself around

like a clock, put it in the middle of the room, and then grab it and make yourself see it as you are slowly turning.

since things in dreams are not that stable it seems more like 4 dimensional viewing which should be possible but might require learning how to go to other dimensions, rather than just being in a normal dreamscape

I think Panoramic vision is possible, but it would require some major LD morphing skills. What I want to try is viewing an object from all angles at once, as if your eye was wrapping around the object. That’s true 3-d vision, as opposed to out layered 2D views.