3d VR worlds as seeds for LDs?

I’ve been thinking about the many “tools” or “helps” posted here that are having various levels of assisting in getting into a dream state and what one is dreaming. Then i thought of all the wild and crazy “worlds” i’ve explored live in 3d chat with other explorers on the net and began to wonder if becoming familiar and using such 3d VR worlds might become dream “seeds”?

If you want to check a few that I’ve built for 3d Chat, the links are below. Also, while you are there, be sure to visit other builders worlds buy clicking on the “Places” to the right of “People” in the frame to the right of the chat frame. And if you see someone by the name of “Jotham” in a world, say hello…that’s my avatars name (me).

3d vr world links i’ve made:



PS. and just for the fun of it, if the moderators of ld4all think something like a 3d VR Chat world would be fun for us here, i’ll volunteer my talent and time to make it happen. It’s all fun !
Also, check out what has been accomplished at
https://www.accrete.com/njfh/index.htm in a theological study environment…now instead of “End Time” studies being linked to the images in the main hall labyrinth, how about having images of dreams given by users here in the forum and linked to studies about LDing? Just a thought, but it could be fun for all. A new way to study about LDing!