3rd person view

A lot of my dreams I see myself but don’t think I’m able to control my body and I’m just an observer, for instance I see myself in as a character in a game I’ve been playing and the view is the same as the game, also I had a nightmare where I had a normal view but someone cut my head off and I saw it from the same perspective rolling around.

:eek: kinda scary! Usually, I’m looking out of my own eyes. At least I don’t remember ever watching myself.

I dream as often in the 3rd person as I do in the 1st person. I usually don’t have a body either, I am just floating around as an ego point.

My dreams are almost always in first person, but it has happened in third on a couple of occasions. However, one of these was a three-dimensional “flashback” scene (think of the scene in Harry Potter where he goes through Tom Riddle’s diary), and I was still myself in first-person point of view - I was just watching a past memory of myself. If that makes any sense. So it was almost like both perspectives at once! :content:

Sometimes I’m a third person, but that doesn’t happen often. I don’t see myself but I see other people doing things. And one time it was in a part of the dream that I was watching in 3rd person and a bit later I was myself in 1st person.

It happens to me too. Too many times, unfortunately. I blame TV and video games. :tongue:

Same here, actually. It happens all the time.

I usually switch back and forth in a dream. But when I get lucid I see it from 1st person.

ive got dreams where im “nothing” i just watch (3p no body) and have no ego either.

like the whole view being games like “age of empires2” or “close combat3” and i just watch the action(including the commands given by the pointer) without feeling or thinking anything.

wow cool … maybe your a dream server :content:

i get this about 1/3 of my dreams are from 3rd person watching myself and i am controlling myself like walking or somthing and i can see myself walking along from a position behind me and a bit higher than me
when i am lucid i can switch between 3rd and 1st person at will and move the “camera” around me and other people

For the most part I’m myself but I have definitely been a third person and I view myself as dreaminghamster has. Although I’ve never seen myself get my head cut off.

When it does happen I like to see what will happen, then when it got too hectic, I’d will myself to wake up. I’d like to switch like Karl does. That would be cool.

It always depends. When I think about it, I can’t really remember from where i see stuff in normal dreams. In nightmares, I see everything in 1st person, and that’s a lot more creepier, because you never know what you will see when you turn around.

I get that too. I think it reflects wanting to be detached from a certain situation that is a bit upsetting.