3rd Time Try

Hi I am new here and I am trying to lucid dream. Few nights ago I sort a did realize I was dreaming in a dream but unfortunately I woke up. Tonight I am trying hard again.

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Hi Deus 11, and welcome to LD4all :welcome:

One thing you can do to help keep in a dream is to rub your hands. In general, anything that keeps you active and using your senses will help a lot, and it will also get easier over time :content:

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It did not work, a MILD/WBTB failed because I could not fall back to sleep. I think I should have slept longer and only stayed awake for 20 minutes not an hour.

It is not advised to stay awake more than 30 minutes when doing MILD/WBTB techniques. Staying awake more than that may cause difficulties going back to REM-sleep again, or even falling asleep at all. Good luck on getting a nice LD :smile:

Thanks for the advice. I will try WBTB/MILD again but it is easier to use MILD at night when I am going to bed because I go to sleep faster.

Well it really does depend on the individual. It’s best to do trial and error to figure out what is best. Some people can only do it if they’ve been up 1-2 hours and they have lucid dreams, so I’m not sure what you say about REM is true or not.

Thanks but I seem like , I only need a few minutes to be awake because naturally if I wake up in the middle of the night, and if I go bak to sleep, I will begin to have dreams. But I have a question, sometimes when I am dreaming, I know I am dreaming, logically and just let it play out. How do I go lucid?

Maybe try making a goal in a dream, like: I want to try to fly. Recall your dreams, and think like: Next time I’m dreaming, I really want to try to fly.

For me these intentions worked: anytime I get lucid, I want to jump trough the window. The bad thing is that I jump trough window without even thinking, so I’m not lets say, that much lucid.

I will try making a goal: look around myself, that’s how I imagine myself being lucid, but the real lucidity for me is when I make logical decisions inside a dream. (jump trough window, or fly trough chimney XD)
Just to stay clear, I haven’t achieved proper lucidity yet.