4-5 second LD

Yah I had my first LD (since I have been practicing having them at will) and it only lasted 4-5 seconds. When i woke up I laughed because the LDs I had before (when I didn’t try to induce them) lasted at least half an hour. I realized it must have something to do with the sub conscious factor. Reading about all of these people struggling to have LDs can’t be very good for LDing. Has anyone ever tried convincing themselves they will not have diffuculty with LDs? Did it work? If so what worked?

You might have woke up by excitment.

Since you’ve practiced to achieve them at will, you might have been excited to find that it worked, which woke you up.

Yeah, that happened to me before. You should read the poasts on the topic I started entitled “Someone Help, I keep waking up” or something like that. People gave me lots of good tips and I’m sure they’ll be useful for you as well.

Yes convincing myself that Lucid dreaming will work is one of the things that helped me have LD at will.

I managed to have a few lucid dreams quite easily one week. All I had to do was think and write about them before bed but for the last few months it hasn’t worked at all. With me it must be to do with how relaxed I am. I’m more likely to lucid dream during holidays when there’s less on my mind.

EDIT: actually my last lucid dream was more like 6 weeks ago, it feels like more

Yes that’s definantly true because the more on your mind the less likley you are to have full concentration on lucidity.

Come to think of it, reading peoples failure in lucid dreams could incourage others to fail in there quests . . . SUB-CONCIOUSLY. were being discouraged to fail by our own sub-councius??? hmmmm :hmmm:

RIGHT, im going to read people success storys.

Also, i ALWAYS have stuff on my mind, that could explain why i havent had an LD yet, any techniques, or methods to clear my mind???

Thanks :ok:

I would highly recommend the sixty one piont relaxation technique stated in EWLD. It really relaxes both body and mind.


I had 4-5 seconds of lucidity yesterday - so annoying. I’d been thinking non-stop about them the night before and felt confident I’d have one or atleast a vivid dream. But I’d gone to bed so late that after 6 hours sleep it was 10am and my Mum had the radio on which distracted me as I became lucid.

I don’t try to LD as much as I just let them happen. This is why I am very inconsistant with my LDs but I find that the ones I have are much more satisfying than the ones I used to try to get.

I had tons of trouble staying lucid in dreams. I would be like, “Woopie! I’m lucid!” and then Everything would get black like I was fainting, and my dream would end. I found it SO ANNOYING!!!

But like anything, practice was the key, and soon I was getting lucid and staying lucid for about a minute, then it became 5, and now I’ve had LD’s lasting about 30mins! The key is to relax! Before going to bed, imagine yourself doing a RC, becoming lucid, and then LOOKING AT YOUR HANDS! It helps so much! If you can look at your hands and stabilise your dream, then you’re set to go for the rest of the dream! Also try yelling " This is a DREAM!" or “Increase lucidity!” That could also work. The trick is keeping calm in exciting situations!

well i have only had 1 lucid dream (2 nights ago), i guess u couldnt even call it one. it was a very vivid dream and the second i realised i was dreaming, i had a FA and i was annoyed that i woke up from my first LD …but i didnt actually wake up which annoyed me even more when i really did wake up!!

charlottedreamer how long did it take for you to get your LD to 1 minute?

I got interested in LDing yesterday and didn’t have any thins nite, but had lots of them when I was younger…they were long and I remember telling all ppl how fun is it to be conscious in dreams

how did u realise you were dreaming when you were young? what started your LD’s. Also how old were u?

im still young, just 15 :content: I was younger like 13-14. I just realised i was dreaming. Like ‘how could I come here? that’s impossible, I must be dreaming, yeah!’. At first I was confused, what to do when you know that you’re dreaming. And then I realised I could have fun. I was flying, meeting people, stealing food and things from shops, driving cars ,etc

lucky bastard, :tongue: i wish i could have LD’s without trying, i have been trying for months and still only FA’s and like a 1 second LD!

not fair :cry:

my mum says I’m able to have LD’s because I’m in touch with other worlds…when I was like 7 I scared my mum to death because I saw a dead man :smile: I pointed to the air screaming ‘go away!’. And later mum heard that it that room some guy commited suicide.

Me too.

So let me work his out. You are saying that if the whole forum got the idea that Lucid dreaming was really easy and that we always had sucess, then I wouldn’t be stuggling to have LDs at will.

If your answers yes, then that means we all have been in a placebo that LDing is hard.

LDing is sooo damn easy!! everyone can do it! it takes hardly any practice and all you have to do is want it! so simple! it is, without a shadow of a doubt, the easiest thing in the world!

:content: :tongue: