5-15 or so folk interested in making a dream circle with me?

Hello all. Some of you may remember me. I used to actively post on this site, but haven’t had the time really to do so anymore.

But what I’ve done is made a bouletin board in which I’m hoping anywhere from 5-15 or so folk can come together and report your dreams…long term. That is…lucid and not lucid dreams!

A place where we can come together and share each others dreams, and get some opinions on the dreams and stuff like that.

Its fun simply just to be able to share dreams with friends. Sadly in the west…sharing dreams is not usually practiced.

If anyone is interested let me know eh? My forum name is Dreamy Dreams and is on a differant bouletin board system.

Would love to be able to share my dreams and read others dreams…again, please let me know if anyone is or may be interested in this, and I’ll email a link to the site and stuff.

Gonna keep this short, got to hit the hay for some nice LUCID DREAMS!

Sweet dreams folk…


p.s. I plan to copy my dreams from my dream journal directly over to the Bouletin Board for insight and opinions from folk who are also interested in dreams EVERY NIGHT.

Hey LLV! Good to “see” you again mate!
I too havent had so much time to post on here. My lucid dreaming has suffered a litte of late but I still have periods where, when I get motivated, I can have a couple a week.
Definately interested in this idea as a) your lucid dreams were always interesting to read and b) it would increase my motivation by a great deal. So when you can send the details, thanks!

Hmmm…That was a rather nice idea,any details about
where your bulletin board is?I am interested,but currently I cannot
have lucid dreams.

Sounds good to me.
I keep a dream journal most nights, so I could cut and paste from this. I think sharing dreams sounds like a great idea.
I am not yet a lucid dreamer - at least I have not been able to induce any intentionally, but it might be interesting to dicuss my dreams and my path to lucidity.

I have the domain LUCID.US and I’m trying to turn it into something. I am willing to put the programming effort into installing a forum if we can find some people interested in regulary discussing…


I’ll post when I can!

That would probably be every tuesday. I take forever to write about my dreams.

Hey LLV! :smile: Nice to see you again. Been to any DMB shows this spring?

I had 3 LDs the other night so I thought I’d drop by here and see if any of the “old-timers” were still around. How is your LDing going? I’m definetely interested in this bulletin board of yours, as I’m gonna try and get into LDing again. I actually have them spontaneously from time to time now. Drop my an e-mail… ivo_caprino@hotmail.com

Oh yeah forgot to say I was called “El_Duderino” on the old messageboard.

LLV and Alasken!!!:)Good to see you back fellas:)
Hopefully we`ll see some of your posts soon,i remember LLV ones-allways so good and motivating(hehe forgot if you finally got this poster of the year award or no:)
Take care:)

Ps.Alasken-where have you been???thought you dead:)

Duderino. Jack :smile: I gave up on LDing around new year’s. Since then I’ve had a decent dream recall and I’ve had a couple of spontaneous LDs (short ones). Just finished school so I thought I’d try and get into the whole LD business again…Did you get your visum for Australia, Jack? I’m going to Thailand in two weeks, hoping for some LDs on the beach :smile:

Count me in.

Hey as long as old posters are comin’ back, I might as well too. Hoo wah, good to be back! :happy: :happy: :happy:

Okay GREAT! Sounds like there is enough interest to make it happen.

I’ll set up the board tomorrow evening , and get it all ready for folk to post.

This will be a PRIVATE BB, so no one but us (those who participate in the dream circle) will be able to VIEW or POST…because I want there to be enough privacy to where we don’t feel ashamed or emberassed to post the whole dream , unedited from our dream journals to our bouletin board. (No reason to be ashamed or emberassed of our dreams anyways!)

I imagine in time the participants of the dream circle will get to know each other very well. This should be VERY rewarding!

If you haven’t already done so, and are INTERESTED in participating in this dream circle, please post, or send your EMAIL address to:


I will need your email address so I can send you the BOULETIN BOARD information and link…as well as the PASSWORD you will need to access the board. (Password protected to keep uninvited individuals from reading and posting to ensure privacy)

Once again, the BB will be up and running by this time tomorrow, and ready for everyone to post on.

I’ll see ya there! Good to see all my old friends btw!!!

ALASKEN! I’m hella happy for you man, I’m glad you achieved all you have man! Can’t wait to hear some of your LD’s!!!

And great to see you DUNDERINO! I miss you all heh. I ‘learned’ how to lucid dream when all of yall and myself were posting actively! Around Oct 31st.

Well, talk to you all soon, and I’ll see you on the board!

Sweet Dreams,

Well…thanks for everyone’s emailing me.

I replied with instruction to the bouletin board, and how to register and stuff.

ALASKEN - I couldn’t get an email to you bro…sure the one you gave me is right? Hit me up on my email at lucidlasvegas@hotmail.com and ill reply to you with instructions. I DEFINITLY would be happy if you were to participate!

If I missed anyone please feel free to email me at lucidlasvegas@hotmail.com

I have about 10 folk so far…definitly don’t want to go above 15…so if your interested space is limited, email me asap.

See you on the BB!