6 hrs sleep 😴 and Lucid Dream

Question : can I have LD even if I sleep :sleeping: for only 6 hours ???

Short answer: yes, especially if 6 hours of sleep is enough.

That’s why I asked if you feel whether you sleep enough and in a healthy way in the other topic. You only told us the times and the numbers but that is not the most important information actually. The amount of sleep each person needs is very individual. I don’t get by with 6 hours only and wouldn’t hope to get much out of lucid dreaming with that much. But if you are perfectly fine with 6 hours only and feel completely refreshed, so you can keep going with constantly only sleeping 6 hours, then that’s a good amount.

So what is your feeling about your sleeping budget?

I am currently taking benzodiazepines for the past 1 week for sleep.
If I don’t take sleeping pills then i get only 3-4 hrs sleep.
So I do get sleep … But if I Lie down in my Bed for 2 hrs After that I get sleep…And only for 3-4 hrs .
So I plan to continue sleeping pills for the next 20 days and After that I plan to Stop.
Any Suggestions ? I am open to change.

Sleep :sleeping: Pattern
I have been doing rotational shifts for the past 15 years… since past 2 year I have been working fixed shifts
Since past 2 year I have been getting up at 8am…but i also used to sleep early around 11pm
But since day light saving my shift changed
So now I go to Bed after 1am …so I sleep form 2am to 8am… that’s 6hrs of Sleep.
I have been trying to change this… so I Started taking sleeping pills so that I could sleep for longer hours may be 8 to 9 hrs …
But yesterday i took 2 sleeping pills and still woke up at 8am.
So the conclusion is that I can sleep :sleeping: for Only 6hrs a day even on my leaves.

Maybe that just comes with age. I also can’t sleep beyond 9 anymore on my free days, either :joy:
How refreshed do you feel with 6 hours and sleeping pills? I never took any but I can imaging that they are not beneficial for dream recall. But since they should mostly have an effect at the beginning of the night and dreams are more prominent towards the end of the night, I might easily be wrong.

This is an experiment…
I have around 20 sleeping pills…so…20 days more to go…
After that I will stop sleeping pills… because I do get sleep.
I am focusing on my WILL power to remember Dreams even though I have taken sedative…
Now it’s Do Or Die I will try to get Lucid till the time I Die
But I don’t have a lot of Time I am Already 37 years old…6-11-1984
My ONLY HOPE is this website…
I Hope that with Help from you i will attain Lucidity 1 day … HOPE…

1 step closer…
I have managed to sleep from 2 am till 10 am …
Which is 8 hrs of sleep…But what happens is that I get up after 6 am and then go back to sleep but i don’t get full Sleep i am in a half Sleep state …But for the past 3 days my DJ has been Empty…