6 LDs a day.

Well recently, I’ve been experimenting with WILD, and the part i hated was waking up after 6 hours due to the lack of REM in the first part of sleep. So I researched on if it was possible to make the REM start at the beginning of sleep (Since I’m too lazy to wake up. :razz:) And found The Uberman’s Sleep Schedule.

What it is, is only sleeping 20 minutes every 4 hours. After about a week, the brain says 'Fine, we’ll do it your way! -.-" And every time you sleep, within a couple minutes, your brain dives straight into REM. So 2 hours of sleep/day total, and you actually get more REM than normally. Sounds good to me.

And since REM starts instantly once you sleep, WILD would be extremely easy. Before I’d be in bed completely still for hours. And apparently, it also makes the dreams much more vivid from what I’ve heard.

So, my question is, would this be a good idea? Would it work?
Also, would anyone be interested in doing it with me? (Probably during winter break.)

There’s a very good reason why REM-sleep isn’t the only type of sleep you go through during the night and why people don’t sleep 2 hours per day. I think it’s a good method to fuck you up both mentally and psychically.

Apparently, people have done this for years and were perfectly fine, so idk o.o

There is occasionally some interest in the Uberman sleep schedule on our humble forum. I did a quick search and found this.

Thus far, I have seen proof for neither of these claims. Though it seems that BeRightBack’s concern is shared by others, as shown by the following quote:

Even if the sleep schedule has any worth towards LDing, staying on track with it is impossible in the sort of society we live in. Everything is always pressuring people to sleep during the night and be active during the day.

anyone else remember the episode of Seinfeld where kramer tried this? it didn’t go so well for him!

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like the best idea to me. When I sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours and then stay up for like 2-3 hours. Then I take a nap and then I have like four or five lucid dreams almost every time. I use the WILD technique and I just feel like it is a sure fire way to have lucid dreams. I suggest that technique to anyone that can’t LD very well. Then to make sure it’s a dream I do a RC. The RC I use the most is pinching myself, and then I know i’m good to go after that. Another method I use is, writing MILD on the inside of my hand on my index finger and then I look at it throughout the way and ask myself if I am dreaming, look away and then look back at the writing to make sure it looks the same. When I am in the dream, I’ll do that as a RC and I look at it and then look again and it looks messed up or in a different spot. I know it sucks getting up when you are tired, but you can do it. That sounds like it would be better for you then barely sleeping at all that’s for sure. That could eventually catch up to you and could cause you some

the theory was that the NREM pass quickly and all the NREM stages happen simultaneously. I think that was on a polyphasic sleep forum somewhere. I forgot. and, BTW, why not? be careful for narcolepsy-like symptoms!! :razz: