6 Steps To Getting Frequent Dreams

After reading ‘The Secret Lf Frequent Dreamers’,i wanted to add more onto this.So here are some ways on getting frequent dreams.Not sure if this is helpful though :sad:.

1)Reality Checks Throughout The Day,As Well As Night
So,1 of the tips on getting frequent dreams that are Lucid Dreams are saying affirmations like Am I Dreaming? .Why people do this is when they say this,they react to it.When you say Am I Dreaming? you are triggering your conscious to check around,doing this checks if there is anything strange as well as around you while saying am I dreaming?.Trying to also fit in a reality check would also help.Saying these about every hour helps or maybe when you trigger seeing a specific DS IRL,you could do a RC.So ,here is an example.

“It has been 1 hour.Harry is now going to do his Am I Dreaming? question.He says it while looking around for anything strange.The clock is fine.Nothing seems strange,but still,he fits a reality check.It works,so he is still dreaming.”

Saying stuff like When I dream ,I will realize I am dreaming helps,saying it throughout the day with intent is practically a way of getting LD’s.

“Harry is saying,I am going to have an LD tonight throughout the day with intent,trying to picture the scene of him lucid,doing RC’s.”

3)Do the technique of your choice!
I would advise doing the technique of yours,sometimes mixing techniques are better like MILD+WBTB o something like that really helps,read this to read how to choose your technique.

4)Get Comfortable!

You know,what way is better of havong ab LD without being comfortable.Without being comfortable,you are seriously going to have more distractions which might make you have no LD’s.So try and be comfortable.If you need to itch,itc.Scratch,scratch.Swallow?,swallow.If you do get distractions,you will be distracted by the thing causing that and will fail your LD’s.

5)Keep a DJ/Improve DR
Keeping a DJ is 1 of the most important stuff to do in an LD.Keep a Dream journal,either online here on LD4ALL or somewhere else or in a book.I use a pad on my iPad,this also improves DR which helps in an LD.

6)Meditation (Optional)
Last but not at least,meditate.Try to meditate, because it helps block distractions from when you sleep.Also more positive vibes.It will help you out of a Lucid Dry Spell As well.Well,this was a short one

(Optional)Eat Lucid Foods??
I actually do not know about lucid foods,but eating light foods helps in lucidness.(Is this even a word? :laughing:)
Just a tip:Almonds help!(Audience:Thanks,that surely helps,not) :laughing:

These help,especially dark chocolate,I do not know why though,xD!

Until then,
TheAstralDreamer Out :toilet:

Gosh,i surely made some unuseful topic! :laughing:
Although it is useful to those who might want frequent LD’s

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this is great!

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