8:16am (a saga)

Please read and let me know what you think about this. I feel that this has gotten to the point where I can’t really deny it anymore, it’s too overwhelming.

First, here’s the background on the 16 and why I feel so strongly about that
particular number…

I tried Mushrooms about 2 1/2 years ago. I never had trouble handling
large dose shroom trips, despite the occasional paranoia that never really
lasted beyond the come-up period. But during every trip, I always felt
this odd feeling of “coming home again” or familiarity, even when they
were entirely new to me. I also had very similiar trips despite their
differences…they always felt the same. I always saw a recurring shape
and style of “hallucination” but I could never pinpoint why it was
familiar. I knew there was a general shape I saw, but I wasn’t sure what
that shape was. After a really good and heavy trip, during the long
comedown I could close my eyes and FINALLY see the shape; a spiral/curly
rainbow. I was so happy and content I finally got the shape down and
realizing it, subsequent trips only showed the shape and more glory and

Around a year later or perhaps a year and 1/2 I was surfing online and
someone mentioned the movie Pi. I did some research on it and saw it
dealt with the Golden Mean. I always heard of the Golden Mean/Ratio but
had no idea what it was. I did a google Image search on it and my heart
skipped a beat; it was the EXACT shape I saw while tripping…but not only
that, but it seemed its what this entire reality is constructed
from…from the galaxies that spin to the quantum particle reactions and
eveerything in between, even the constructon of our bodies.

Anways, this was a cool concept and I was proved by that point that
Shrooms obviously open a gateway to the cosmic information that is always
around us but right outside our normal perception. I filed this lovely
idea away with my beliefs and trekked on.

Now I listen to a song called 8:16AM that has always been a source of
positive inspiration for me. A few months ago, I started seeing 8:16
everywhere, on clocks, receipts and other various places that random
numbers are generated. I wasn’t sure what to think really. What really
got me is that I realized it all started around 8/16/04. I figured
something was going to happen on 8/16, but I wasn’t sure what. Well, as
you can guess, 8/16 came and went and nothing happened.

I told myself it was just my mind playing tricks on me since obviously
nothing happened. The days went on and nothing changed, except I saw 16
more than I used to as well. Now the first thing people think or say
(even myself) is “Well thats just because you were looking for it/more
aware to it.” I agree, and for all I know, thats what it was. But it was
showing up in times where I either wasn’t looking for it AT ALL or just
really randomly in places where I had no time to wonder about it. For
example, I was driving to work, thinking about God, and I glance over to
the right and there’s a Bus passing me and the Bus number was 1616. I was
at a Taco shop with my friend playing video games, and right when I was
done, I walk over to my friend who is coincidentally finishing his
transaction. His total due which popped up on the Register was $16.16. I
had a decent shroom trip in the hills behind my house and when we were all
walking out there, there was a 16 spraypainted on the ground. I smile and
remember hearing something in my head (albeit I WAS tripping) “He’s not
afraid anymore.” After that trip I saw the number appear a lot more

So I wasn’t sure what to think really. Thing is, I never really put these
two things together because I didn’t think they DID go together. Until
another Google search just a few months ago turned up this…

the golden ratio = (1.618)03399

Reverse that…816.1 :bored:

(if you go to Google and type in GOLDEN MEAN you’ll see what I mean).

Was this coincidence anymore? It all made sense at that point. I saw the
shape because my Spirit was ready to see it. I was seeing the 16 because
the 16 was the best way to convey to me the story that the Spiral tells
and I only would have cared what 16 was if I listned to 311 who in turn
made a song called 8:16 which turned me on to the entire idea in the first
place (positivity and later the name itself). Skeptics will say that its all in my Brain, all just me
conditioning my Brain to see it more and to draw correlations where there
are no correlations…I’m thinking all this stuff up. But the same
Skeptic can’t even tell me how Thought is produced in the first place. So
I choose to believe this is a sign of my Path and that there’s always a
guide looking right over my shoulder.

And here’s what happened a few nights ago…

I stopped over at my friend Daniel’s after a night of a few brews down in
Pacific Beach. When I got there, he immediately smoked me out on a bowl
of decent schwag. His friend Marissa shows up and he often talked about a
‘super-chronic’ she had that got him higher than he was ever before. She
agreed to smoke me out on a bowl as well, so naturally I agreed. It was
packed, incinerated and inhaled into my body. It was all good for a while
and he wasn’t kidding, this stuff was beyond anything I’ve encountered
before. If I didn’t know better, I would think it was laced, but I knew
Daniel would never deal with anybody who dealt with that shady kind of

Advance, 15 minutes or so, this trip is going well, but my heart is
beating unusually fast. I know THC causes your heart rate to increase,
but this wasn’t something I could even ignore. It was uncomfortable and
no matter how much I just tried to tell myself it was in my head and only
happening beause of the weed, it got only stronger. I thought to myself,
‘what if I had some kind of heart attack?’ That only made matters worse
and sent me into a frenzy of mental tug-o-war.

On one side, that had the logic of soberness and the other, the paranoia
of the THC. At this point, the paranoia was winning. My heart was going
crazy and I could feel every rapid beat down to my toes. And I had
nowhere to turn to. Ignoring it didn’t make it go away and even accepting
it and just saying ‘fuck it, I’m high’ didn’t work either.

So I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do. I was truly scared though. I
didn’t think anything was going to happen, but I knew it was not normal
and I knew I wasn’t happy. I did the only thing I could, I cried out to
God (mentally). I cried out the hardest I ever did, and pleaded for His
Light and Love to guide me right now, to calm my nerves and get me through
this. I told Him I realized why I was brought here tonight: to face the
consequence of my irresponsible actions. He knows I need to take a break
entirely from Weed because I’ve told Him that many times…but I never do.
After that realization and several minutes of praying, a sublime peace
settled over me. My heart rate started to slow and my nerves started to
settle. I became slightly giggly and realized I had the Spirit of God in
at that point…my prayer was answered. Of course this could just ‘all be
in my head’ (I was really high) but this does not invalidate my
experience…I know what I felt.

Advance another 15-30 minutes. Everything was OK again, although I did
feel strangely tingly and light. Even though everything was calm again, I
didn’t have any TRUE reason to believe that it was Divine Intervention
that helped me through that. We’re all sitting there watching Comedy
Central and my friend’s roomate tosses a CD at me. I didn’t even react to
it, I just let it sit there. I didn’t even know where it came from. I
picked it up and read the label and my heart did the opposite; it
practically stopped. It was some ganger-rap CD that had only 16

Just yesterday I was at the same house with some other guy that was over…we’re sitting there just kicking it when he says “Oh man, check out my lottery numbers for me!” (I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to do this)…

The Receipt he had said the jackpot was 16 Million and the second number he picked was 16…

I should add that this only seems to occur when I’m in a “spiritual” mood, when I’m contemplating and/or accepting my Faith more. When I specifically look for it, I don’t find it at all. It’s always right when I decide to not even care that it pops up in the most random places, like my friend yesterday when we were driving and I commented on this guys hair…he says, “Don’t take that from him, he’ll lose like 1/16th of his being!”

Hah, that’s weird. To be honest, I dunno why it keeps on coming. So if it does have some sort of meaning, you’ll just have tow ait and see what it is when it comes :wink:.

i know exaclty how you feel about the whole thing. The same exact thing happens with me and the number 22
very weird isnt it. It seems like i see that number abnormaly more often than any other number, so even if i was intentionally looking for it which I don’t do anyway cus its dumb. I’d still see it a ton. I dunno how to explain it though. Except for one thing. You prolly won’t believe me be I think this number might be the number of lives I’ve had. Meaning im currently on my 22nd life. I talked to some spiritual guy about this, he was a psychic, and he calculated how many years i’ve spent alive in life times. i forget the number but judging from average life expectancy through the years i calculated it to be about 22 life times also. Anyway. thats all i have to say.

I have another friend that actually deals with 33. Ironically, 33 is also part of the Golden Mean.

My biggest thing is basically, I saw the Spiral/Golden Mean/Sacred Geometry before ever knowing what it was or what it was called. I only listnened to 8:16am because its my favorite 311 song. I never decided to link the two until I searched Google and there it was, as plain as day, waiting for me to read it. So I made the 8:16/1.618 connection even before I knew I made the connection…I figured 8:16 was going to be the time that I died or something, lol!

It seems more and more seperate people are claiming to be experiencing this. This girl I talk to about :33 brought it up to me the first time. I was shocked because that was the first time anybody ever mentioned it to me. I normally don’t tell anybody about this because most people would think I’m just creating it myself.

So whatever it’s trying to tell me, I know now it deals with the Spiral and honestly, that is more than enough. IMO, The Golden Mean is “God’s fingerprints.” It’s in everything, even the construction of the Human Body. Everything is infused with it which is why when I tripped, I saw it in EVERYTHING. Everything comes from it, everything goes back to it. It’s Infinity, it’s balance, it’s all paradoxes solved…it’s God.

Have you heard about 11:11 ?
This is interesting : crystalinks.com/11.11.html

Yes, and actually, that lottery ticket he handed me had 11 as the first numbers he picked, then 16.

ego tripping, i know exactly how you feel. for me its 333. the first time i took mushrooms i was with my band in high school. there were 3 of us. we drank some tea and took off. when my friend opened a box of cereal, there was a free cheap watch inside and it was set to 3:33. from that night on, i started seeing 333 everywhere. when i look at the clock, i would wake up at the time, things would come in 3s. whenever i look for it, it doesn’t happen, but if i don’t look for it, it comes to me. i never mentioned this to my friend until recently and he said he sees 333 everywhere too! he thinks that when you see it, it reminds you that there is a decision to be made and you are the only one to decide for yourself. i think it means we are on the right path.

Lets say that the golden ratio, is “X” and lets say X can be any number in this case infinaty the climbing number that never stops. If you subtract X from X would you get zero? No you would go back to X. If you added X with X the number wouldnt get any bigger. This may be why we are “just here” we are the number X. A “Spiral” that has no begining or end.

Yup. :smile:

Thanks for that link btw, I’ve read it before but it has SO much more significance now.

Oh, I didn’t tell you guys what happened recently!

I went to the Haircut Store (thats the name). As I got my
haircut, the woman whizzed me around in my chair to cut my hair and I end up facing the clock. I didn’t notice the time, just that the clock had an awesome “melting” shape. Then I realized she turned me around to face it @ 2:16.

At the counter as I was checking out, I checked the pricemap. I wasn’t looking for 16 (i was just waiting) until I saw that the only $16 priced product was a SPIRAL PERM.

The pyramids were SPIRAL

By the spiral, you mean the natilius shell thing right?
Oh and just to clarify, it’s spelt “Phi”… :tongue:

That’s cool though, and having the 16’s constantly remind you of your experience is very interesting…

P = 16
H= 8
(I = 9) ?


whoa this is weird, i was drawn to this topic, becasue i was born 4/27 at 8:16am.

i always see 4/27 wherever i go, whether its the clock or a price, and now i have the strangest feeling that im going to be seeing 8:16 everywhere :smile:

haha thats really cool, cause now ive started to see 16 everywhere. I think thats proof of that our brains work in the same way…ive had this happend to me before alot of times but during short periods of time…for example for a time i took alot of taxies to and from parties and all of a sudden i saw taxis everywhere!
and i take alot of notice of details around me (i have to, cause of my studies) and whenever i notice somethink perticular. like someone wearing a scarf in a sort of way i just see it everywhere. So i dont think its just about numbers…its just a good thing cause you see them everywhere and there are only 10 of them to combine so it happens kindof often.
I dont know if its just our subconsiousness or some higher power…but to be a boring skeptic, i would say you just make it up. If you were right about that number i think someone else would report taking notice of that number (16) especially as well.

That is pretty interesting stuff. I wonder if desicions in dreams are decided a lot with pi or something very natural like that.

I have have two close friends that report similiar experiences but with differnet numbers…and I think everyone has their own signs.

Mine isn’t really just the numbers but the circumstances of how and when they occur. I still remain skeptical and I think there is also a level where I look for them as well, but I can vouch entirely taht when I try and find them or if I am aware of the numbers, I never see them. It’s only when I’m doing things that are spiritual in nature, whether its talking to someone about it or meditating.

I often have dreams and wake up @ :16. I glance at license plates when they pass me for no reason that has 16 on them.

I tend to think rather than my brain making it up and noticing it more, its more about my spirit being in-tuned with the world around me. I place myself in these positions to see these numbers and that in turn confirms my path is correct.

And it’s not really the numbers that get me. It’s the idea that I saw this spiral long before I ever cared or knew what it was. THEN I started seeing the 8:16 and I didn’t know why at all…then one day searching google, I see that 816 is IN the Golden Spiral…it all just fits so perfectly. And the Spiral also happens to be the most prevalent and common and beautiful shape in our known existance, as small as particles and as large as galaxies. 311 (the band that sings 8:16am) = 3+ 1 +1 = 5 and 5 is intrisically connected to the Golden Mean. It doens’t really feel like my Brain is playing tricks on me as much as it feels like something is/was trying to show me something (random clock check, :16, naturally when I’m thinking about it). And now I just seem to notice more synchronizations, patterns, meaningful coincidences more and more. Things people do, say, etc…

This is not in my head…I’d be so un-true to myself to pass off all these unexplainable things as simply my brain ‘playing tricks’ on me. Things that happen are just TOO WEIRD. I also notice that the more open I am to the idea that this is REAL and truly is a sign that my spirit is awakening…things happen in adundance! I’m not afraid of it anymore and I accept what it wants to show me and ever since I’ve decided to just believe this, I can literally feel it in the core of my spirit when I pick out these synchronizations.

Ever notice how we pretend that the Brain works us rather than working FOR us?, “tricking us?” I think even Freud said “the subconscious wants to beleive in life after death.” Well, given my current experiences and such…who am I to argue with myself? :grin:

Also, these pages shocked me:



Apparently, I’m not alone! :grin:

Ok, so like today…

Driving to work after my break and I start to think about God and such…I feel really, REALLY peaceful and just have a clear mind…any thoughts are ones of light and love. Sun was shining, blue skies, white clouds, beautiful day. This white car cuts me off and its license plate ends in 116. It doens’t phase me.

A couple of seconds later I look up and see a huge cloud with 3 seperate and perfect spirals lined up in a row…looked like 3 curled fingers. At that point I felt a rush of…emotion? go through me at the same time.

Its moments like those that I realize its not just ‘in my head’ but rather something much greater than me. What I personally think they are is a confirmation…picture existance as turning cogs in a machine and you are an indepent cog. you may spin at your own rate if you choose to do so but that causes friction upon neighboring cogs. Or you can flow with Love and suddenly “click” with the other cogs around you, creating peace and stillness…and you also become realized of your place in the machine and can thus keep that rate for longer periods of time. Each synchronization I see is basically me aligning with the force of Love, since that is what the Spiral represents…the only shape that makes progress.