A Begginer seeking answers

Hi all, i just joined. Yesterday was my first day reading about lucid dreams and it talked alot about having to be able to recall dreams, well i remember dreams VIVIDLY and very precisly and i kept reading and i went to my room and started a dream journal and wrote down all my crazy dreams. well that night i tried the a technique not sure which one but i was woken up by my body tingling STRONGLY and vibrating and it was like i was paralyzed and my back was arched my head tillted up and then i sat up out of my body and it was the crazyiest expieriance ever. well once i was out of my body i wanted to get back in because it was like A storm in my room The wind was blowing strongly to the right in my room and it was blowing the shadows off the walls and it sounded like a huge wind storm and freaked me out and i tried getting back in my body but couldnt and finally i broke free from the paralysis and i woke up it was insane. could anybody tell what exactly happend

First thing is that the technique was(i think)WILD and what you had was an OBE(out-of-body-experience).

Congratulations. You just had an almost-lucid dream,of a type often called an OOBE (Out-Of-Body Experience). The big question is whether any OOBEs are ‘genuine’, or whether they are all actually (mis-interpreted) dream experiences.

Either way, you’re on the right track.

Some people say that lucid dreaming is almost an OBE (they’re SIGNIFICANTLY harder to get, I hear).

Congratulations. That was a bigger accomplishment than a lucid dreaming :cool_laugh:

GREAT JOB!! It usually takes people months, or even years to get results like that from WILD. Congratulations, and I hope your luck continues. :smile:

that’s what I call projection, different from wild
and maybe perception may tune outside the body, but you always remain safe and complete

is that not the deffinition of an OBE? outside the body, but completely safe? And it has been proven that WILD can produce OBEs, so I believe that is exactly what happened here.

by complete I mean you never separate, so it feels like being outside but you’re not
but there’s plenty to explore as it is

how can you tell the difference?

Hi The Zephyr! Welcome to LD4all! :wave:

I’m rather surprised when you say your back was arched… :eh:
It looks like you sort of induce a sleep paralysis phenomenon (when you are in REM sleep stage, you’re body is paralyzed in order to prevent you to act your dreams). So, you were dreaming lucidly and most probably, some of your physical sensations were dreamed.
From this state, you had an OBE (don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you really are out of your body, it’s a kind of LD).

As you are not really out of your body, of course, you cannot go in! :wink: It happens naturally when your dream ends.

Waw! It must have been very impressive! :eek: But you haven’t had to be frightened, it was just a dream. Next time something strange happens in your dream, make a RC in order to fully convince yourself you’re dreaming.
Congrats for your first (great) LD! :clap:

tell the difference between real OBE and projection/LD?
I can’t really, I’ve only experienced LDs that felt to be an OBE but were not, so I call them projections, a special kind of dream involving mind split (trance).

I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand. If you can’t tell the difference, then how do you know that the LD “projection” was not an OBE?

it was incoherent, I felt connected to my mind, and I was in low alpha/high theda judging by the feel of the trance, but it did feel like a total separation

for me the term OBE refers to a NDE, and that’s not what happened
many authors freely use the term OBE or fancy variations, but I believe they are only using their abilities in dreams, often leading them astray

I don’t agree. There are definitions in parapsychology, and OBE refers to what is called by mystic people “astral projection”. Parapsychologists don’t believe in astral plane, but they try to verify if you can perceive something of the real world in OBE’s (for instance, C. Tarts’ experiments with R. Monroe), i.e. if your sensitivity is exteriorized. You don’t have to be physiologically dead to experience a OBE.

ok :smile:
I believe strongly that real OBE is NDE

I found this interesting:
“Normally, kinesthesis and equilibrium work together to give us a sense of our own physical reality-something we take utterly for granted but should not…heartbreaking story of Christina…suffered irreversible damage to her kinesthetic nerve fibers because of a mysterious inflammation. At first…she could not sit up, walk, or stand. She could no longer experience herself as physically embodied. “It’s like something’s been scooped right out of me, right at the center”” (208, Psychology 3rd ed, Carol Wade, Pearson 2004).

I agree completely with Basilus West. I now understand what your views are, Pilot, but I’m just not able to agree with them I guess. :tongue: Oh well, this is a very interesting discssion. What are your guys’ opinions on the astral plane. Does it exist? What is it?

I agree with Pilot completely. After a lot of research, disucssion with people who experienced both NDE and sleep/trance induced OBE’s, and my own experiences with OBE’s, I came to a somewhat definite viewpoint. If you are interested, take a look at this thread where I posted an article I wrote about it.

I agree that some OBEs are triggered by NDEs, but I still believe that you can have an OBE without having an NDE. I still side with Basilus West

Lol Seandop, I wasnt trying to convert you or anyone else, just fuelling the discussion :smile:. What I am curious about is why you claim that you can have an OBE without having NDE. Personal experience? Or “just” believe?

lol, i know. :smile: I would ask you, how can you not believe that you can have an OBE without an NDE. No, I am not speaking from personal experience, but there are many accounts of OBEs (some more credible thatn others) that occured from a trance or dream-like state. Unless this is what you are calling LD projection, then I do not understand your question.

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