A colaborative dreamscape

Have you ever had a dream (and a vivid one, at that) where you’ve spent a considerable time in a specific setting. Enough time, in fact, that you’ve been able to truly absorb the details of this place? Perhaps even enough to get some idea of the overall layout? It doesn’t matter if the dream was lucid. Just try to think back to how detailed this experience was. Now, try to compare this to any location in real life that you merely sort of know. Which do you remember more of?

Of course, the real life location will always win. No matter how incredibly vivid the experience was, no matter how much it impacted you in the dream world, your memory of it upon waking will have gaping holes, and details you studied so carefully in the dream will seem fleeting. But really, that’s only part of the problem. Unless this is a recurring dream (which isn’t all too common), you will only get one stay at this dreamscape, and once the night is over, it will be merely a memory. That mysterious door you passed by when walking through that ornately decorated corridor? You will never find out what’s on the other side. That soaring futuristic metropolis you could see from the top of that mountain? It might as well just be a decoration.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. With the advantages of lucid dreaming, you could seek out that place again. You can investigate the parts you missed, and expand your understanding, and if you keep going back, your dream journal could begin to describe a whole world.

But there’s still a problem. For many, including myself, getting where you want to go presents a problem in lucid dreams. Sure, we have some success, but very frequently, we end up waking up or losing lucidity while on the way there. And even those who are fairly talented at getting around don’t want to waste all their dreams focused on a single dreamscape every single night. So then, why not work together at it?

The idea is fairly straightforward: One person posts a detailed description of a location from one of their dreams, explaining everything about the place they can remember, even using visual aids, such as maps, if they see fit. They will include how they got there, dream characters that reside there and interactions with them, places they would have liked to have explored more, etc.

Other forum members will then read the dream and attempt to visit there in their own lucid dreams. Once there, they can either try to simply relax and enjoy the dreamscape, absorbing new information as it comes; or, if it’s more to their liking, actively seek out details of this place and try to explore every nook and cranny they can. Either way, they will undoubtedly return to the waking world with something new to say about this dreamscape. They can simply post an account of everything that happened to them, or also include maps, or, if they’re feeling artistic, make drawings or paintings of what they saw.

I’m interested in seeing how the dreamworld will develop via this method. It should be an intriguing experience, exploring this dreamscape.

This thread, of course, should be checked regularly by people planning on venturing to the dreamscape, as new aspects will be added in every new dream posted here, and it will be essential for new dreams to be accurate and up-to-date representations.

Once enough time has been spent on a dreamscape that members begin to become bored with it, another member can volunteer with their own dreamscape to be expanded upon.

Now, to begin, we’ll need someone to present a dreamscape they remember vividly. If nobody else volunteers, I will. I must tell you, though, the only dreamscape I remember clearly enough for this project is somewhat mundane in appearance.

No signups are needed. This is an open project.

I actually like this idea :content: Problem is it would need some skill. I’m still trying to get back into a LD I had the other night, so I won’t help here atm :tongue: when I get good enough at it though I sure will!

It would be cool for everyone to explore and create the world. For example, if the dreamworld is a house, people would start visiting it and describing it, influencing the next persons visit there. Then someone can find a hidden door and let people know that behind the east wall there’s a library, then we’d add that to our map and list of stuff in that world. Someone may want to paint something on a wall and let people know so they can check it out and see what they find there. etc etc