A "Collective TO DO List"

I had an idea, lets make a TO DO List that conatains a few things we should all try in our LDS and post our expereinces, for example:
santa - whats your last name?
a ghost - if ghosts actually exists in RL?
a character in your LD : how long this LD gona be?, do you have any suggestion to make LDing more often?
OSAMA - when your next Attack gona take place and when?

we can even make a list of things like:
inflirting into someone’s house and check what he got in his safe\ closet …
or we can all fly to the moon and check if the u.s flag is still unchanged or maybe it is?

anyway , lets work on some ideas for the list and after we will have some we will try is in our LDS and compare answers, maybe we will find somthing about ourselves if not somthing more collective…

Welcome urbanleg! :wave:
Actually, most of the suggestions we have for things to do in LD’s lie in the Quest suggestions topic so you can check there for ideas :smile:

the idea behind this thread is not giving ideas just for LD,
the main idea is comparing answers of various people to general questions (generally unanwsered question of fictional characters \ideas )

This is a good idea, but it still doesn’t mean if it’s true or false.

I could ask what Santa’s last name is, and I could get the answer of Claus, and everyone else could get the answer of Green Eggs and Ham. Does that make everyone right? No, it just proves that everyone had a lucid dream, and all got similar answers to Green Eggs and Ham.

I mean, if it’s all fictional, then go for it, but what I’m saying is you can’t get conclusive, factual results on real life in a dream.

Also, not everyone believes in the samething. Example:
You could ask everyone to ask a higher being what is the meaning of life?

Person 1 could get the answer Live life to the fulliest, from Leroy Jenkins.
Person 2 could get the answer Don’t worry Be Happy, from Bobby McFerrin
Person 3 could get the answer there is no point to life when he asked whoever.

So what is the meaning of life? No one actually knows. Is what I’m trying to say. This is why facts are facts, and myths are myths, and beliefs are beliefs.

Sorry if I sunk your battleship, bro. :neutral:

[The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II)