A common misunderstanding

Let’s make some topics clear:

Tele: far. Like in Tele-vision
Kinessis: Movement.
Psycho: Mind/Soul
Kinetic: The power of movement
Pyro: fire

Now, that those are clear, how can Pyrokinessis be about heating stuff? Although other make much sense - aerokinessis or hydrokinessis wich both speak about movement of the matter.

Pyrokinesis would be the ability to control fire, as far as I know.

yea… its the movement of fire

electrokinesis… that would be sweet

But pyrokinetic powers are not to move fire, but rather to heat things/ enlarge and minimize fire. right?

Wow ^^~ Isn’t it wonderful how we can just get the meanings of words from their bases? :open_mouth:
Hehe~ We could always check up on dictionary.com or in any dictionary to check exact meanings :stuck_out_tongue:


Hasn’t anyone taken rudimentary physical science classes? When an object is heated up, the molecules begin to move faster and faster. So, when you think about it that way, heating something up is making it move with fire. :smile: And enlarging and minimizing fire is moving it. You’re just moving outwards or inwards.

yeah…your moving fire/heat…pryokenesis.

Now a pyromancer… That’d be cool.
Gotta add that to the list of dream character ideas.