A complete lucid-dream guide

Hi dreamfriends, i have made a nightdream guide, could you give me your opinions about my method to become lucid? thnkx.

  1. Set your alarm for about 3 hours later (time to get into rem) or if you can wake up by telling it yourself,then you don’t need the alarm setting.

  2. Get into bed, clear your head and relax.

  3. (vild) Imagine that you are sitting in a room with “reality check” written all over the place.On the walls on the chair and even on you…everywhere. Imagine that you see the signs,do a reality check and become lucid, repeat the sequence a couple of times.

  4. now with the dream scenario printed in your brain say to yourself " i wake up after each dream and i remember my dream" also count slowly to hundred to help you getting to the sleep state.

  5. A couple of hours later you wake up (either by alarm or your inner waking system) , go out of bed and read something about lucidity on the forums and fill out your dreambook offcourse. If you feel awake go back to bed (after 30 to 45 minutes).

  6. Lie in bed and do part 3. of this manual again.keep repeating it until you do a reality check by looking at the walls and become really lucid…enjoy

  7. When you wake up in the morning lie still with your eyes closed for about ten minutes and try to remember your dreams…and write them down.

In this manual i use different methods like mild, vild and a little bit of wbtb.

give me your opinions about the manual and maybe we can make this manual even better.


If someone could consistently practice this method and do it with a positive attitude, you could guarantee them an LD in 7 days. Considering they do 21 or more reality checks a day.

Thnkx for the support mate!! :smile:

I hope the people try this guide, please send in your result in this topic :smile:

yay~ A semi-new method~ I’ll try it tonight/now~

I’ll try it in 20 min :smile:

Nice tech !

Can`t get out of bed , is that very bad ?

It might be… but double posting? Now THAT is bad :wink:

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ill try it now

the alarm bit is going to be a bit of a pain, (3 in the morning)But I suppose its all in the name of science

I havent been able to try this 100% yet, I’m having some trouble waking up without an alarm…

hmm, quite interesting. In a month or so I have two weeks off of school, so I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the tech.

I’d like to read somebody’s results with this.