A COMPLETE newbie is what you can call me ...

Ok… the subject explains why you can find some answers to my questions obvious while i do not …
first, my overall dreaming experiences :
I had one LD when I was maybe 8 or sthing and it lasted only for like 3-5 secs … what is strange to me is that I knew I was dreaming from the beggining of the dream.

The dream was:
I was above the crowd, but I felt my body was little. I was looking dow a pair of moving stairs(hmm I hope they are called so in ENG) and a lot of people on them, moving and walking, In clothes for rather cold weather. I hovered down the stairs, felt the air move down my face and feeling the presence of the people below, above the people, I realised I was in a mall, I flew out of it (don’t remember the moment of passing the door, but remember they were quite big ones, square, glass in plastic or white-something frame) and found myself on a completely unfamilliar land,with dark clouds with blue or navy light shining somewhere between them and it was a wasteland, it was nor light, nor dark … And I woke up and the lat scene was only like a picture,seen for a milisecound r sthing …
My only LD so far, however, I was/am also experiencing something like a repetative dream … see below.
And I KNOW it WAS a LD cause I was fully conscious and knew what I was doing.
This repetative thing-dream is that I am in a scenery of rocks. they are something like still mud, but I feel they are rock. It is all a bit warm, not hot. I feel the walls behind me,on my left and my right and above right above my head there is a celling, like in a cave byt right above me, without any features. I see the cave celling go down about 5 meters r sthing before me and in the middle there is a rock - branch (?) and then I realize I stand(or rather it’s a feeling of CROUCHING) above a pinkish-red mist below, where the walls disappear. and further , beyond the branch and down the wall the wall breaks and i see a path that runs bu the pond of mist, I see only a part of it but i know its a path. the mist colourizes ev.thing a little dark reddish ,I sense space on that path and beyond it. the mist is only down in this pond-thing. And - that’s it. Sometimes, i jump and try to reach the branch to swing myself to the path but i never suceed in catching it and I fall into the mist, where I see only black and after some time of black I wake up. and sometimes i don’t and the dream simply ends.

I also had few normal dreams, but’s something usual. However, I try to remember ALL my dreams since childhood and I can recall having a dream at all only like 2 3 or 4 times (without the repeatable one)… and now im 17.

So, the thing is …
1)why only one LD and why was i in a scenery I never saw before ? in the time I wasn’t fascinated in fantasy or stuff so I am sure I NEVER saw that scenery … surely not before the dream.
2)Why do I have this repeatable dream? I had it only 3 times and one time i recalled being there while dreaming and once not. and it was like that:
1st time - 1-2 years - 2nd time - 2-3 years - 3rd time.
Right now I hadn’t had it for 4 years or something.
3)I TRY HARD to remember my dreams … and I only remember one or two dreams in the past 4 years … why is that? I am SURE there was only like 1 or two dreams in past 6 years … and no more ! (not include repeatable)
I started drawing 2 or 3years ago and since then - no dreams would come.

thx in advance

PS.: If it makes any difference… have also a constant overall aura feeling, like I felt my own aura (?) slowly moving, but attached to many points in me, and I sense I leave it on things I touch etc. and sometimes seem to feel other people’s aura too. However I’m a newbie to all this so …

Welcome to forums! ^.^ I’m Trung.

First off, is this rocky place good or bad?
Is reoccuring dream happy or not happy?

Is you looking to learn how to ld, or just want answer?

I’m not sure of all you questions, but i’ll give shot.

Why in strange place? Good question. Maybe brain just didn’t feel like being at home. ^.^

Aura percieve… maybe you really spirit awareness,
or maybe you just have nuerological disease that involve peripheral nueropathy or something of the like to a strong degree. I have weird thing that if I try (hard to explain how to try), I get strange “energy” (with lack of better word) wave go through body. Very very strange yes.

but what do I know?

edit: You say you cannot remember dreams? Try alarm clock method if you wish. Set alarm for some time during night, and It will wake you up directly from dream still in memory. It work, but I don’t like to wake up in middle of night. :cheesy:

Well …
First I’ll answer your questions …

  • the rocky place- in there it’s completely emotionless, nor good nor bad.
    I doubt to try, but when i try i miss and when i fall down i feel not angry, but only a little bit unhappy i did not do it… but it’s a very small feeling.
    And about this dark wasteland, it’s all bark,bark grey and a lot of hills, a wall like i was in a valley that goes right, I feel there good, I see it all is very nice… i like it out/in there .

  • Well, actually both … I have enjoyed this first and only ld so … :smile:
    and now some more questions from me …

About this aura feeling … Well, when I try to hmm … how to say …
“multiply” my aura, “give more” of it to myself, “multiply and cumulate” it, i get a warm feeling all over, especially in the middle of my chest, deep inside, and i sense more aura in my hands and then my heart speeds up a bit and i have to stop 'cause i feel out of air, a feeling like someone hit me in the chest but a lot lighter. . i do not flex all my muscles,no. I’d describe it as, in fact, something opposite to flexing them … strange. or i am mistaken abut it all .

where could i get some basic,basic info 'bout ld 'ing?

And one thing … usually, like 9/10 of the time I believe i may not have dreams at all … of course you’ll say i’m wrong. But i tryed sthing like this:
I layed to sleep with my hands crossed on my chest, legs strictly straight, parallel to each other, held a pen in my hand.
I woke up and noticed NO change in my position, the pen was also on it’s place. I did it almost ev. night for 2-3 months.When i go on some camp or sthing ev.body tells me that i do not move even a bit in dream, or rather should I say - during sleep.

I will be grateful for any comments/hints.

so so sorry it take so long to post once more. -.-

Trust me. You do dream. You just suck at remember yes?

Well, you can go to search engine and look up ld if you want.

You “aura feeling” sound similar to what I do, except mine is cold and cannot be done when lie down. ^.^ any other question?

Ebytharon, it’s not that you’ve only had a few dreams all these years… you’ve only remembered a few dreams. My advice to you would be to start keeping a dream journal. Keep it right by your bed. At various times throughout the day, remind yourself that you want to remember your dreams tonight. When you go to sleep, remind yourself a few times that you will remember your dreams. As soon as you wake up, don’t move, just try to let your dream memories come to you.

Once you get good at dream recall, you can start trying LD techniques. If you’ve had one before, you can have one again. Let us know how it goes. :wink:

Ok thx all, i’ll try … but you know what ?
since I have read the ld4all site and started to think of dreams, I have one each night …
but can remember none :razz: just know that they were, like someone would glue all it’s frames together when i try to recall them … but i sense there were dreams :smile:
stupid me …:
aura -> what do you mean by “cold” ? the sensation of aura doesn’t have to involve temperature as for me … :smile:
About the LD -> well, It was 9 years ago … so I dunno. And it was natural :smile:
I remember that one night long ago I also realised i was dreaming but then I IMMEDIATELLY woke up … :sad:
'll try hard! :wink:

oh and this is to Sage …
do you maybe know a page where I can find a dividation of different runes dialects and hopefully a chronological order from the first runes up to the gothic futhark? I’d be very grateful.

Just type in “rune history” or “runes” or something at google. But here’s a quick overview LINK . My runes are actually Tolkien’s adaptation (dwarf runes.) :smile:

Thx !
And btw …
Tolkien’s Dwarf Runes are only different in 3-5 signs from the original futhark … :smile: (rune alphabet)
will search … as i did before (not satisfied with my results for now) :happy:

hmm btw it would be nice to find the wyrd rune, (or “odin” you may call it) if you know what i mean … :content:

You’re a complete newbie. :wink:
Seriously though, what did you mean by the wyrd rune (odin) thing?

Well, wyrd (odin) rune …
there is a myth that if you discover the real meaning of the Runes, their secret, you shall become a God. Wyrd is the blank rune. discover it and you will find the secret. You shall be godlike … If you do. Odin did.

So… wyrd is a blank rune and you have to discover it? It isn’t a rune but it is? I don’t think i understand. :help:

Wyrd (also known as Odin) is a blank rune. It means it exists, but you have to discover it yourself and when you do, you will probably understand the secret of Futhark, the runic alphabet. When you do, you shall become divine, godlike. It is said that Odin found it…
That’s why you can’t find it on any website :smile:
I mean I guess so :peek:

you can might find on e-bay. ^.^ he he.

No, serious though, Is Runic?

this wyrd you speak of sound like fnord shibu always speak of. But, that is dischordian, even though we are both rather divine (in own, not so humble opinion). I no dischordian, but understand is. yes yes?

okay okay. ^.^ bai[/code]