A Conversation between Stephen LaBerge and Paul Tholey

Happened upon this gem as I was doing a Google search on a different dream topic; it’s pretty incredible. Two of the biggest LD researchers in history discusssing advanced states of consciousness and highly intriguing personal dream experiences; very stimulating. :cool_laugh: It’s a little dated, but the modern relevance of the material is in no way lessened.

Have fun! :content:

Conversation between Stephen LaBerge and Paul Tholey in July of 1989.

Another one goes to my collection!:slight_smile:
Thx Shift- rare thing,worth keeping.

This is very cool!! I have one book written by Tholey, he and Gayle Delaney tought me how I could turn lucid dreaming in something not just depending on coincidence. I’m going to read it immediately! :read:

Thanks for making this available to us Shift :grin:

That was great! I’m not sure it’s ever occurred to me to think about whether or not DCs have consciousness. Great find, Shift! Thanks for sharing! :content: