A couple of questions

I’m new to this whole lucid dream thing. I started building interest in it after seeing an article on Cracked.com. I have started writing in detail every dream I remember after waking up. I also regularly do RC’s.
I’ve got some questions I would like answers to:

  1. Does it matter what language you intent yourself in. E.g. does it matter if you say: “I’m going to sleep. I’m going to dream and realize it” in French or Spanish.
  2. Do you have to say it out loud?

Last night, I tried using a WILD method of breathing in and out and counting slowly with each breath. I thought to myself “When I count 200, I will realize I am dreaming”. Midway through, I started getting chills, and a very uncomfortable feeling. My feet felt really cold, and really uncomfortable. My vision was quite blurry. So after reaching 200, I did 3 RC’s and found out I was still awake. I then changed my method to a MILD where I said “I am going to sleep. I will dream and realize I am dreaming”. When I woke up this morning, I did not recall anything, which I wrote in the journal.
My last question is:
Was that really uncomfortable feeling something sleep related?

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Hey there daniel!

I see this is your first post, so welcome to Ld4All!

As for the questions:

No, it does not matter which language you say it in, as long as it is the language that you speak the most. e.g. you speak that language outside, with your friends and at school etc.

No, you dont say it out aloud, some people say it once or twice aloud and then generally repeat it in their minds until they are asleep. So the last thing that their mind thinks before it shuts down is that the phrase that you repeated.

And for the WILD, I dont think it was SP or anything. Remember, when you were in bed were you comfortable? Because sometimes when my bed got too hot or cold, after trying to WILD, I would get really uncomfortably hot or cold.

Remember, before trying to WILD. You have to be very relaxed and in the mood to be asleep. and you usually do it with the WBTB method, which is about 5-6 hours of sleep after during night.

I hope that answered all your questions :smile:

Also, just saying welcome to Ld4All agains and we would all love to hear more from you :happy:

Hi daniel :wave:

I don’t think it really matters what language you use :tongue: I say this because I live in Brazil and speak Portuguese daily but my lucid dreaming induction things are all in english. Maybe since I only read LD’ing things on the net in english I’ve associated it to english and that helps…

I would like to add that I may have found my dream sing, but further investigation is needed. It may be either both of my schools (Elementary and college) and being naked. I’ve often had dreams which include both of those elements.

After thinking about last nights WILD experiment, I might describe the feeling as numbness, which I heard means that I was getting close to dreaming. I basically felt numbness in my legs, and found it a little bit strange. Also, I was constantly distracted by swallowing saliva that built up.