a couple Q's

Is there anytihng i could put like on an ipod or anything like that?

Ive had lucid dreams were i controlled what i did but from a third person perspective…any ideas why? idl like to have a dream where i felt it and actually experience it, is that possible?

can bad spirits confront you at a time like that? could you in retrospect battle a forien being? not like someting out of a fantasy story i mean like an actuall struggle?


No, bad spirits can’t confront you in a dream, I would especially say no because I don’t believe that they exist.

With the iPod you could record yourself saying I’m Dreaming or You’re Dreaming and then play it back during the night.

As for the third person problem try to assume command from within your body. Remember what it feels like to move your arm and then imagine doing this from within your body, this will enable you to re-enter your dream body.

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People who believe that they can meet real entities in LD’s have actually a very big disadvantage because they think they can’t do anything against. In the same conditions, a LD’er knows that what he see is a dream and that he can modify it. These two things has been verified many times: AP’ers (who believe in bad spririts) are often afraid by ridiculous things that would make a LD’er laugh about; LD’ers sometimes meet frightening DC’s and they can transform this situation into a pleasant one. So it’s far better not to believe that what you see in a dream is another thing than a dream.

About the ipod, I don’t know. :shy:

About the third person perspective, search for “third” and “perspective” or “person” on the forum. There are plenty of existing threads about this.

Well, you can mess with BrainWave generator (topic HERE ). I dont have ipod too, but i guess you can put right preset on it (for example LD TEST PRESET in ed’s case number 12). Try sleeping with headphones in ears, or eventually listening it before going to sleep.

No, because everything in a dream is made up by your own mind. I dont understand why so many people believe there is something supernatural about dreams, considering all the evidence that shows that they are created by your own brain.

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