A couple small questions

Is it possible to get a 100% lucidity rate if you’re good enough?

How long to most dreams, including lucid dreams last?

I’ve been trying for about six months total to try to get lucid, not gonna lie, I wasn’t on fire for it for some time now, but I’m back on the wagon. I have excellent dream recall, and keep a dream journal, even if I didn’t try to lucid. But, does it normally take THIS long?

Also, what should I try to focus on while trying to WILD?

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IMO it would be impossible to be lucid in every single dream, but if you are good enough it should be possible to be lucid at least every night.

It varies, for me a standard good dream lasts about 30 minutes.

It varies. Some achieve some lucidity on first try, others may take a LOT longer.

I don’t use the WILD method myself. But if I tried I would use this focusing on an image way. link to archive topic

What did you use to start Moogle? And also, what do you use now?

WannabePeter, if you try to get lucid dreams too hard you wont get them, at least not be too excited about it, sometimes people get an LD when they take a break from LD’ing :wink:

Maybe you can explain how you’ve been trying for 6 months. Maybe you’re doing something wrong, but don’t realize it? Have you had any FA’s or FLD’s in the mean time?

Over the six months I hadn’t really been trying on RCs or anything, just dream recall.

Get into the habit of doing RCs. It’ll help you get lucid and help you to question things.

You may also want to try another tech like MILD. It usually has good results and is easier than WILD. WILDcan be very hard for some people and nearly impossible for others! :neutral: (Not saying you can’t try WILD, but if that’s all you’ve tried you should give other techs a shot)

That explains a lot. You simply haven’t thaught your brain when to become lucid. Simply telling your brain “I want to get lucid” doesn’t do anything. So, back to the drawing board for you. :tongue:

If you really want to try wild then try something like the C-WILD variation which you can try pretty much every morning and should give pretty quick and easy results. Also MILD is good to do when you go to bed, try it with normal WILD because then the failure of the WILD when you go to bed will give at least have an upside. RCILD during the day is also good if you can remember to do it. Try as many techniques as possible because it makes it more likely to find the one that will work for you.

May I ask what a “C-WILD” is?
Can you explain a little on how to do a RCILD?
And also! I have been RCing for only about four days now, and already, in one of my dreams, I looked down at the RC on my hand, and said “Am a dreaming? I must be!”
… I didn’t get lucid though, it didn’t CLICK I was dreaming, but, I guess I just need to focus more on the RC and think harder when ever I look at it

That’s a very good start. The fact that you did a RC in year dream is already 80% of the way to becoming lucid. You’ve learned your brain to do the RC’s, but you probably forgot to learn your brain how to respond when the RC actually fails. The next couple of times you go to bed, try visualizing yourself doing to RC and it failing and then saying to your self I AM DREAMING and I CAN CONTROL MY DREAM.