A couple things...

First of all, last night i was able to remember 3 dreams, a new record for me! :cool_laugh: i used the memory method told by Ascension in the Boosting Dream Recall thread under “the Stuff Dreams are Made of…” Forum. before bed i told myself that i would wake up after every dream i had (setting my internal clock… i’ve been able to tell myself what time i want to wake up, and i do within a minute :grin: it’s cool stuff!). As far as i know, it worked! i woke up three times, all three right after a dream. I was way too tired to get up and write them down, so i ran through them in my head so i wouldn’t forget them, then used the method i had referred to, and upon awakening, i remembered them! WOHOO! In one of the dreams, i was in a movie theater, and the guy working there asked if anyone had any ideas for good lucid dreaming, and i didn’t become lucid… grrrrr :grrr: but yea, i just wanted to share that with everyone!!

Oh, and then also, how can you make someone appear in your dream? There’s this guy that always flirts with my girlfriend and i really need to beat the bloody hell out of him in a dream, would make me feel much better, hehe.

Good Kenry52! So you remember more dreams :smile:
Well try to use suggestions…or use the emotions the person usually gives you when u meet him/her.

Good luck dream hunting :wink:


Whne your looking for this guy…just expect him to be somewhere…like behind a wall or corner…just imagine what looks like, expect him to be there and beat him up…hehe

Good Luck!

well last night i almost had a lucid dream to try to go beat down on that guy! but i woke up :sad: my dad had woken me up for about 5 seconds, then as i was trying to remember the dream i just had, i ended up faaling back asleep! fortunately i remembered to do an RC right away, and i realized i was dreaming! I guess it shocked me a little b/c i though i was awake (like i was in the same position and everything was the same as in when i was awake like 2 seconds ago), plus myabe i wasn’t deep asleep enough yet, so i woke up and had to go for school :sad: well, one of these days i’m gonna beat that kid up! :grrr: