A Creative Vehicle Topic

So, what kinda of creative vehicles have you driven or have been?
I’m not talking about any ride, I mean, lets get Jimmy Neutron crazy!

• Like driving a ferris wheel on the streets, massive robots, being a transformer and doing what they do!

• It can be anything from flying toilets to whole space planets!

A cloud shaped like a pirate ship.

I’d been trying to design an airship in waking life, to use in dreams. I guess my SC took it literally.

The weirdest vehicle Ive been in was a “predikstol” that worked as a space rocket :razz: it didnt make any sense at all.

a car that drove backwards, and a giant flying robot.

Ooh. This is one of my best dreamsigns, and something I really enjoy while lucid.

-Floating cardboard, planks, pillows, sheets. Used as a magic carpet or a floating aid. This works well in a LD, sometimes one of those makes it easier to fly when willpower isn’t enough.

-A stick, used as a bike. This was common in my childhood.

-A flying ship. It was apparently stolen from the Ceeian queen by pirates. It has appeared in many dreams now.

-Bikes put together from various parts and junk. I often build bikes from baby carriages, wrecked bikes, even flower pots!

-A flying creature that is just hard to describe. It is as much a companion as a “vehicle”.

-Sometimes, i can “slide” on the road by holding an object like a steering wheel. The object can be anything.

in one of my dreams my friend was on a big tractor-like vehicle… was quite wierd hahah

I forgot to mention that I once used my cellphone as a “vehicle” :razz:

/me must have been inspired by this topic.

I surfed through city streets on a mop in yesterday’s dream. Last night, I tried to convert a cardboard box into a bike.

I’ve never tried out or driven strange vehicles but this is another Dream Goal I want to achieve :smile: (for example: a bicycle with funny parts - wings, devices like this or a flying bathtub… Or anything else that sounds or seem simply silly xD)

In an NLD the other day I rode near the back on a flying train with roller coaster-like cars, and for the first half of the dream, it was led by flying wolves. Uh yeah… that was interesting.

I don’t know if this is a vehicle, but getting around on webshooters is pretty freaking fun

I was able to use an ipod as a hovercraft.
It was the long and slim one with the scroll wheel and a screen.

I wanna do the Mary Poppins thing and fly around with an umbrella. The closest I got to that was a single balloon. :razz:

Awesome! You are now officially a balloon fighter!