A creepy experience after meditating

Hey guys, need some advice about something, and some help with deciding what to do about it. First off, I always seem to have a lucid dream after meditating, I do this because I want to achieve an out of body experience but most of the time give up due to getting inpatient. When it happens I have a very vivid lucid dream.

This however got my attention. It started off with me in a corridor looking for my friend who on Facebook the previous I day I offered to hang out with in real life. I heard another one of my classmates in college chatting to someone else in the room, but I didn’t take much notice and for some reason in the dream I was confident that it was some sort of hotel or motel, or even a flat. I went down a set of stairs and looked at what looked like my bedroom with a bad and some chairs near it.

I looked round the room twice because I was starting to wonder how I got here and I slowly started to remember that I was in-fact lying in my bed, I looked at my hand as it has become a habit that I do it to check if I’m dreaming or not. Just as I thought, my brain had trouble seeing it, and it completely reminded me that where I was wasn’t real as I also saw a stump that shouldn’t be there. My hand suddenly started going completely orange without any texture, and then all the muscles in my body started to clench as everything went fuzzy and my eyes began to close forcefully whilst I tried to open them.

I tried opening them up with my fingers in the darkness but it was closed too tight, and I felt myself falling and I started screaming without moving my lips, and as I got more frightened I heard children laughing in a hallway and other scary noises I couldn’t remember, and all I remember after that is waking up normally, but the adrenalin rush caused my body to wake up a bit more than usual.

What the hell happened?

With my inexperience, I couldn’t tell you what happened except that maybe something to do with the meditation caused your mind to go empty as nights where I meditate before sleep I actually don’t remember any dreams at all as opposed to not meditating I remember 2-4 dreams and now have become lucid as well. Not sure but I wouldn’t worry about it ^^

Common hallucinations, nothing to worry about.

Hey Buddy,
Your post is quite inspiring.
Can u tell me how do you meditate? I mean, Do u use any binaural beats?
When do u meditate? Before Going to bed at night or while doing WBTB?
Do you attempt WILD to get lucid or fall back asleep and naturally become lucid in a dream?

Your response is much appreciated.


Between sleeping, waking, being in a meditative trance, and dreaming, there are a lot of in-between states. My best guess was that you’d entered “the black void” between REM dream patches, with the added complication of consciously experiencing sleep paralysis. Either you’d woken up but your body hadn’t, or, like what sometimes happens with the waking world seeping into your dreams without your waking up, perhaps your body just communicated that it was paralyzed, leading to some “dream paralysis.”

Iv’e had some pretty crazy experiences like that. Iv’e hallucinated and heard a guitar from just meditation alone. Then that night I heard the same note in the same ear in the blackness before a dream.
Another night I went to bed then woke up underwater in the blackness. I thought I was drowning literally for a second but then I felt myself breathing air. I started to swim toward the light in front of me. Exactly how people explain what death is supposed to be like.
Crazy stuff happens when your mind gets confused about whether your supposed to be asleep or awake.

This is probably exactly what happened