A DC did a Rc for me?

Last night I went to bed at 11:00pm and something woke me up, I looked at the clock and it was 12:00, so I rolled back over and went back to sleep doing WILD and when I went into a dream I had sound but no vision, and a DC came up behind me and said “Don’t worry about doing a RC I’ve already done that for you, and yes you’re dreaming.”
I became so excited that a DC told me that I was dreaming that I woke myself up.
I’ve always been the one to tell the DCs that I’m dreaming not the other way around.
Has this ever happened to you all before?
And how did he know that I was dreaming?
Maybe I was using the DC for my RC, no clue, what is your alls info. on this, if you have any.

Thanks :cool:
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The question is: Why wouldn’t a DC know you’re dreaming? Basically they’re products of your own subconscious mind, and your brain should know what’s going on.

Anyway, are you sure you wasn’t already dreaming when you looked at the clock at 12:00? It sounds impossible to me to succeed in WILD after only an hour of sleep.

Heh, that’s never happened to me… but it has happended to soem other people.

I seem to remember something like that happening in one of Siiw’s dreams…

Sounds cool.
Actually in my next lucid dream I want to find a DC and ask them to let me know I’m dreaming the next time I’m dreaming. I wonder if it’ll work… :tongue:

It’s definately possible, just usually not as easy.

Well, according to most people who have tried it, it does. :wink:

LOL ! That’s great ! :happy:
Sometimes, DC’s can help you to reach lucidity. It never happened to me, though. This one had a great sense of humour ! :cool_laugh:

I like what I hear… :cool:

How come? I’ve understood that the first REM-period begins after 90 minutes of sleep. Napping is a whole different case though.

:grin: cool! yeah happened to me once:

we have these spoons with yellow handles at home. So I’m dreaming I’m sitting in front of a table and the table is covered with those yellow spoons, and also purple versions of them. My brother is standing near the table, and he tells me: “Now pay attention: we don’t have purple spoons IN REALITY”. He’s right! and i become lucid. :grin:

You don’t have to be in an REM period to dream.

Dark Sider: lol, I wish that would happen to me!

:cry: Everytime a DC appears they don’t talk…

Ohh this has happened to me once… though I was already lucid… :

I was already lucid and in the common room of my college, when a DC version of my friend came up to me and asked me if I would like to see a RC, slightly amused at the irony I agree, and he shows both his hands and proceeds to shake them vigourously then he suddenly stops … at this point he now had 7 fingers on each hand and all his fingers were long and wavy :eh:

It was pretty cool though for a DC to show me a RC :content: