A diary to be used by all... The Nightmare Diary 2

this is part 2 … for more nightmares read A diary to be used by all… The Nightmare Diary 1 :scared:

I don’t really remember the last time I had a nightmare (a long time ago), but I have a “trick” that always gets me out of them.

When a dream turns into a nightmare and I start to panic, there is a sort of magic technique that I use in the dream to exit said dream and wake up. I’ve called it X-cancel, because I cross my index fingers and yell out “cancel!” to interrupt the dream and wake up. But when I use the trick, it’s not because I know it’s a dream. It’s just an act of desperation that I only use in dreams and I just sort of hope it’ll get me out of a tight spot. So far it hasn’t failed (at least not that I remember).

So, subconsciously I know I’m dreaming (otherwise I wouldn’t try to X-cancel it), but I’ve never actually realized I was dreaming like I do when I become lucid in a normal dream.

The last time I had a nightmare was almost a year ago, though, so I haven’t used it in a long time. I wonder where I got the idea in the first place?

Svenshinhan, if you do start having nightmares again and are about to use that technique, try to turn it into a habit to do an RC right before. :smile: Just an idea.

I’ve been having nightmares every night for a couple weeks now, but before this started I hadn’t had a nightmare in months. Last night’s was short, but I was still scared when I woke up and decided to get up and distract myself for a couple hours before I went back to bed just to be sure I wouldn’t re-enter the dream. (I’m kind of kicking myself now for not going back right away and trying to become lucid instead!)

In the dream, I left my room and it was pitch black in the hallway (as it always is in the middle of the night). I walked to my bathroom to get something-- I don’t remember what I needed, I just knew at the time that there was something I should grab in there-- and just as I was reaching to pick the object up a huge freaking demon-zombie-ghost hand thing slapped down on top of mine. It was MASSIVE and really warm, but it wasn’t connected to a body. I grabbed whatever it was off of the counter in there and ran back into the hallway. I heard something behind me, like footsteps or something, and then ‘it’ laughed. I was confused and it was way too dark in the hallway for me to see where I was going so I kind of just gave up. I just stopped moving, and fell to the ground. (accepts defeat :razz:) Then I woke up.

Weird dream, but not nearly as bad as the ones I’ve been having. I’ll post back here if I have another one tonight… which I hopefully won’t!

Anybody have tips on how to avoid nightmares? I can never seem to get lucid in mine anymore.

This nightmare is really old and from when I was like six. it’s not in my DJ. :wink: I have it written down in my old journal. It is really messy first-grader handwriting :content: . Ahh…the memories. Anyways…Here the dream.
(obviously the writing doesn’t have this much detail, but this is party from memory too.)I am standing on a cement path. Everything has a small yellow glow. Petals fall from a tree overhead. I am feeling really peaceful. I walk down the pathway. I realize I am back In California, where I used to live. I start to cry because I miss it so much. A man walks down the road. He says something to me. I don’t really remember what he said and the page I wrote when I was little doesn’t say etheir. He takes my hand and Leads me down a road. He starts laughing at me. :confused:
He leads me to a fence. Everything doesn’t seem to have the yellowish peaceful glow anymore. I hear shouts. The man runs away from me. The fence is broken down by a man and two dogs. (The writing says “cory dogs” so I’m guessing they were collies because that’s what I called collies back then…)
I start running. I don’t go fast at all. I see the man down the road. but I am going too slow to catch up with him. I start to slow down. I try to run faster but I just slow to a near stop. For some reason the dogs havent reached me etheir.
I feel something wet on my head. I look up and see cloudss and rain coming down.
The dogs whine and run away. The man with the dogs disappears. I try to walk but I can move. I sit down and start crying. The man comes running back to me. He has a newspaper over his head. He reaches down and grabs my hand. “Grab my hand!”, He cries. I look down and see I’m on the edge of a cliff! He pulls me up. “You almo-!”, He starts but then he stops. He falls on the ground. I look and there is blood on the ground. A tall man is standing there. He is wearing all black. “scratch.”, He says as he pushes me off the cliff.

I don’t need writing to remember this feeling. Sheer fear racked through my body. The sensation of falling felt all too real. I was about to hit the ground when I woke up with a jerk. I had tears on my face. I told my mom and she told me to write about it so if I ever had that dream again, I would know it was only a dream, and wake up.

This wasn’t a ‘nightmare’, but more of a extremely startling dream.

There is a group of cartoon people. I don’'t know what they look like, but suddenly, a loud buzzing sound starts. I wake up.

Actually a real nightmare! :woo:

Also the same night:

I wouldn’t say I had a nightmare last night, but it wasn’t pleasant.

I was at some spooky mansion walking around and they didn’t want me there so they summoned this big lurch-looking guy (you know, Addams family) and he had this long thin knife. I knew what he was going to do with it, but I wasn’t scared and I didn’t try to stop him. I turned my back on him and he ran me through with it. It was kind of painful but I remained silent even as he dragged it though me in a horizontal motion. The worst part of these dying dreams for me is this feeling I get in my throat. I first felt it when I allowed myself to be shot in the heart by a DC a few months ago. Basically it feels like vomit welling up your throat and into your mouth without any spasms. I guess it’s blood or something. Then a few seconds later everything fades to black.

I am basically always lucid during normal dreams now, and I only make minor adjustments when appropriate. This time though I guess I wanted to find out what it would feel like or something. I don’t think I need to repeat the experience though, it was kind of disturbing.

This is a nightmare I used to have on a yearly basis, but I don’t think I’ve had it for a long time now. I want to begin by saying that what a lot of other people call nightmares are actually just fun dreams for me…monsters are usually nice to me in my dreams, a lot more than most people. However, I have nightmares frequently, and I call them that as they do what they are known for- leaving me absolutely frightened and terrified afterward.

This particular nightmare always goes the same way. I’m standing in the middle of a forest, and everyone in my family(including people I don’t recognize, but for some reason I think they’re related to me) is just sort of roaming around like they’re socializing, but they aren’t saying anything. They just wander around, expressionless. I try to talk to them, but they ignore me…which is not unlike real life for me. I start getting some horribly oppressive feeling, and when I turn to where it’s coming from, I see a younger version of myself. He’s much thinner and his hair’s a bit shorter. He’s paper-white and his hair’s the same color. He’s just standing there, glaring at me. However, it isn’t an angry glare…he looks completely disgusted with me. He always says something I don’t understand, and then vanishes. After he’s gone, everyone suddenly pays attention to me. Only, they’re all twisted. They aren’t right at all. They always have too many of something, like three arms and five legs, or one too many eyes, or not enough of something. Like missing heads or bodies. I realize that the more messed-up ones are family members that have died a long time ago. They all start to converge upon me, and I just start wanting to cry. At that point, I wake up, gasping for breath and hearing and feeling my heart beating madly.

The first time this happened, I thought I saw the creatures from my dreams in the real world, and couldn’t do anything without getting jumpy.

I only call this one a nightmare as most people would be afraid in the dream i was more pissed off than anything. I was being chased by Chuky the killer doll throughout NYC. No matter how hard i tried he was always like 10 feet behind me, but at the same time i did get farther away from him. He was also carrying a butcher knife that kept changing in size from 6 inches to like 10 feet. finally on the roof of a building i trip he stands “over” me ready to stab me when i kick him pick up the knife. I am about to go mike myers on him and I wake up.

i was so mad that i didnt get the chance to own him.

I was in the abandoned East End Junior High School with friends looking for clues to a murder. My friends sat down to talk and I went to find a private place to use the bathroom. Just as I sat down I saw a man in the shadows.

I challenged him and he stepped forward. He was absolutely gorgeous (Barry Gibb type man) and oozing charm. As he walked forward I knew immediately he was the murderer. He was talking and smiling as he made his way toward me and it was everything I could do to resist his charm.

I kept manuvering to get away as I was trying to resist his magnetism at the same time. It was hypnotic and took all my strength to do so. As he came closer I picked up a ladder and started clumsily swinging it to keep him away. He kept getting closer because I couldn’t remember to be afraid of him.

Just when I was at the door and hoping I would make it out and not be a mangled mess like his other victims he reached for me and I knew I wouldn’t make it out and I started to scream “NOOOOOO!”. The scream was out loud and woke me up.

analysis: The hypnotic part of the dream was interesting. I have never experienced that before.
The name Mr. GWYNN was in my head when I woke up. I have noticed that if I write in my dreams that these letters keep coming up. WYNMIKLV They are all angular letters and I always use capitals.
I do remember trying to draw smiley’s in the dream when I was talking with my friends. The marker kept running out of ink.

Expect more in here. Most of my dreams are nightmares, I just can’t always remember them.

whats funny about this dream. is i had it when i was like 4-5 and i still remember it in great detail. i can remember at least 3 nightmares i have had.
and i get like 2 images when i try to remember dreams that long ago. 1 is a dinosaur in toilet (ahaha ya i know) and the other is. constantly jumping throught a window (like 50 times in 1 dream)
p.s this is dogg

I had a nightmare that i was playing hide-and-go seek in a giant house that i had never seen before, and whenever i would find somebody they would be either dead or unconcious i don’t know which, but it was when i was younger havent had it in a long time.

I haven’t had a nightmare in so many years…the only nightmare I can even remember was over 5 years ago.

My older brother’s friend brought over the games Resident Evil: Director’s Cut and Resident Evil 3 when I was like 10 and I felt like watching them play it. They were playing it at like 1 in the morning so I was really tired and watching them play survival horror games. When I fell asleep I had a nightmare where I was in the city being attacked by zombies and stuff. I remember finding the mansion from the first game and hiding in there. I don’t really remember details, but I remember something about me jumping over platforms. The horrible voice acting was not included with my dream :tongue:

My nightmares rarely have any “normal” nightmarish topics in them (e.g. death or physical/mental harm). In fact, they rarely have anything understandable at all. My nightmares are usually reminiscent of Eraserhead.

Although I can’t remember many of them, one involved children turning into half-human worms and infesting large pieces of technology (such as vending machines) as a result of watching a TV program broadcasted by an evil company.

I have a strange feeling that my subconscious was trying to make some sort of point about TV’s desensitizing effects, but it was sort of lost on me. :neutral:

I had a horrible recurring nightmare that plagued me for a month or two…absolutely horrific. To me, at least. It happened at least once every two weeks, and I had the dream at least 6 times.

I am standing in my house…no, wait, it just feels like it. Everything is cast in shadow, and instead of open space, everything is a hallway. Everything is also wooden, and barren of any color. Standing downstairs, I suddenly hear a scream from upstairs. Knowing it is my sister, but not knowing what has happened, I ran upstairs as fast as I could. The second I entered the room, I could see that a vampire (vampires seem to be recurring in my nightmares…I don’t THINK I’m scared of them, though) had slit her throat. Looking at me, it hissed “My family will kill yours.” Suddenly, he melted into a puddle of black, gooey…stuff. Impossible to describe, but horrifying in and of itself. Knowing that ultimately, I would need to defend my family against the immortal, I sit down and think…However, I just remembered that my parents were sleeping in their room alone, downstairs. I hear something moving in the darkness. Sprinting downstairs, I get in just fast enough to see my dad in his death throes. Screaming, I tear at the sheets. Every time I try to save someone, I arrive too late. Again… I remember my little sister, alone upstairs. I run to the stairs, but as I get close, the hallway lengthens, my vision doubles, and I find myself tired and dizzy. I hear my sister scream. Then, the shadows begin to move towards me.

It terrified me.

I was carrying water, up to the other side of a suspended bridge, and had to give water to my father, when the barrel roles and makes him fall of the cliff. I start training to cross the bridge, along with a fellow friend of mine, but his father didn’t train me at all, thus leading to me falling off the bridge. I plunged into darkness, and saw an old enemy, The Doppler Effect, who grabbed me and made me fly to a mirror. Realized I was dreaming, I went with all entusiasm, only to crash into the mirror, and open a passageway to the start of the dream. Can’t explain why it was scary, but I think it has to do with the part which comes later…

I have others, but most of them are to confuse or blurry.

The worst would be the last.
a skinny little man that captured woman and children (including fetal childern) in a frozen cryogenic state. one in which he still had the abilit to torture, they still had the abilty to feel.
He seperated the mothers and children. leaving the mothers in fear for their children, crying out for them. They all felt each other and their pain.
I had the chance to kill him. Something inside of me wouldnt let me. The part of me that is a healer wouldnt let me do that.
I wish in that instance i had gone against what i believe in and killed him.

I had one nightmare, that repeated when I was 6, 9, 12 years old.
My lamp was sucking me. I ran very fast and managed to get to my parents’ room. I don’t know what would happen, if my lamp have sucked me, but something scary.

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Hello, just wondering what people’s worst nightmares were. Personally, one of my worst nightmares was one in which I was in an alleyway being beaten up by a horde of homeless people. :eh:

One of my more recent nightmares was basically me making eye contact with someone while I was in the stall of a public bathroom.

Me: “WHAT?!”
Other Woman, grinning: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I was locked in the bathroom after I got out of the stall and I ended up kicking a tray of something that the woman was holding. Then I woke up. :neutral: