A different technique that works for me: RILD?

This is a technique that I have used a few times, and has been successful in producing low to high levels of lucidity. Please forgive me if this has already been posted, or if it is too similar to MILD to be really called a technique. RILD stands for Repetition Induced Lucid Dreaming. Basically, you repeat to yourself “this is a dream” for an hour or two, and when you go to sleep that sentence is likely to come up in the dream, as you’ve repeated it so much. I think this is different from MILD, as you do not require any visualisation, and you can do it as soon as you go to bed. Please tell me if:

A: This works for you.
B: Has been posted before.
C: This is absolute crap.

I don’t know how well that would work for me, but sometimes I do something similar - I ask myself constantly “am I dreaming?” for an hour before going to bed, really meaning it. It’s happened spontaneously a few times, like when I was taking a walk. It was at night and I was walking around places I hadn’t been before, and everything seemed so strange. There was a stable with horses (I had no idea it was there!) and a water tower next to it, and I kept thinking “maybe I’m dreaming” all the time, doing RC’s. The whole walk I kept wondering if it was a dream, then I got home, went to bed, and had a LD.

This looks very like autosuggestion. In autosuggestion, you repeat a sentence.

By the way, I think it’s better to repeat “Tonight, I’ll realize I’m dreaming” IMO and to do this when going to sleep in a relaxed state - sort of autohypnosis. Some people repeat it over and over until they fall asleep, yet I don’t think it’s necessary.

Thus, I’ll reply: A (this works for me) and B (this has been posted before :tongue: ).

I have yet to have any techniques help me have a lucid dream. The only way I have had dreams are dild’s.

it has worked for me somehow , but by simply thinking about LDs

It looks a lot like autosuggestion

… sound simple. I´ll try it tonight. I havn´t had a LD in like a year. I´ve totally lost the strength to keep on trying. The only time i succeded in having a LD was the second day after doing 100 RC per day.=/

Hope I´ll succed this this method

I think it is very similar to autosuggestion except that you are using a different tense “Iam dreaming” as opposed to “I will be dreaming”. I’m sure that this is significant.

Interesting. I’ll do that.

Hmm. I’ll give it a try! But, do you have to say it out loud or do you just say it in your head?

It’s usually the thought that counts, so I imagine you just have to do it in your head. Saying it out loud would just make you look crazy, if anyone heard. :wink:

Yes, say it in your head, if you try it saying out loud for the period of time required you’ll end up with a sore throat! :smile: