A different type of sleep paralisis

I think I experienced a different type of sleep paralisis!

While asleep, I feel like i had just woken up… except I cannot open my eyes! at all… no matter how hard I tryed they wouldnt open! I woke up in fright, with sweat beading down my face…

about a month later this once again happened… and I ALMOST became lucid. I said “hey this has happened to me befor, I must be DREAMING.” I then tryed to become lucid except i was having trouble concintration on what I was going to do, since I couldnt open my eyes… an image started to form in the black haze of the back of my eye lids… I was not lucid long enough to tell what it was. I must have some how forgot I was lucid and disregarded the fact that I couldnt open my eyes. All I can remember is saying to my self IM DREAMING.

I woke up so excited that I was as close as I have ever been to a lucid dream.

did I become Lucid???
Has anyone else expirenced this???
Is this a type of sleep paralisis???

btw… waking up and not being able to open my eyes has been a dream i have had since I was a little boy. That always ended with me springing out of bed and saying, “AHH, It was just a dream!”

reply please :content:


It sounds like you were lucid while in SP. If you’ve remained still, you could’ve entered a dream world just like WILD method.

So next time, try to remain still and try to enter into your hallunication or whatever that is… then you can have a lucid dream! :smile:

Good luck! :biggrin:

Yes, I agree with Dm7. When you try to induce WILD you can sometimes enter SP which is good because, it means that you are just about there. What happened with you was, you woke up into a state of SP. This is nothing to be scares of and happens to a lot of people. Next time try to focus on some HI, or just visualize a simple object. Clear your mind of all other thoughts and allow yourself to be pulled into a dream.

Good luck

Yes, I imagined an HI, dont remember what it was. does sleep paralizes include not being able to see, or is it just not being able to move…

If your eyes are open, you could be able to see. You might see HI mixed with IRL vision as well.

Sleep paralysis comes from your body being paralyzed in the REM stage. Normally, the eyes are the first part to come out if it, because it’s as far as I know the only body part which can be moved in REM sleep.

my eyes couldnt open… :eek:

It sounds to me like you were just in SP. Just because your eyes move in rem sleep that does not necessarily mean that you eye lids will move.

It doesn’t sound like SP at all to me since you said that you are always dreaming.

Sounds like a FA and just dreaming of SP.

Not sure but, I believe he said that he woke up into SP after dreaming. Sounds more like he was drifting in between sleep and waking states.

I used to get SP all the time. Sometimes i could see my entire room and other times i would see only blackness and feel like i couldnt breathe, etc. Sometimes tho i sleep with my eyes open :eek: (my family tells me) and so that may be the reason why i see my room while in SP. I think tho, that when you are in SP, your eyelids are still paralyzed though the eyes themselves are still movable. A bad thing to do though while in SP is think of what you want to do cuz (at least for me) it makes the SP start to go away. Its better to just spontaneously do something and then go with it rather than think too much. While in SP you could go directly into a dream (ive done this once).

Good luck and i hope that was helpful :smile:

hey thanks last reply i think you maybe right… b/c after i noticed i was dreaming i could actually almost feel my SP going away.

THanks for the replys guys…

This forum will definatly get me to have an LD more often! :cool_laugh: