A dream character showed me how to have 100% full control

Last night I had a lucid dream and a dream character helped me to achieve 100% full control over the dream.

Dream recap… skip if you want
I was going about my usual business when this guy started picking up objects and throwing them at me… The DC next to me stopped the object for me dead in its tracks (like the object didn’t slow down it just stopped dead suspended in the air). So then I tried to do the same thing, the object was coming right at me and I made up my mind that I wouldn’t try to dodge it at all and that if it were to hit me I would let it hit me no matter how much it would hurt or if i would die from it. This was like flipping a mental switch for me, I put my hand out and sort of willed it to stop and it did (once again stopping dead in its tracks and just floating in the air). The feeling of this achievement boosted my confidence in my lucid powers, I began picking up objects using telekinesis and throwing them back. Then the DC did something really weird… he pushed himself off a wall and started floating through the air like there was no gravity. I tried it too, and could do it first time. A lot of other stuff happened but I will end my story there.

Anyway, I think I may have found out the secret to getting 100% full control. I have only experienced full control twice now but both times something similar happened…

You have to be brave and decide to do something utterly stupid that defies all laws of physics. Like jumping out of a moving vehicle and expecting to land on both feet completely still. Or jump out onto the road and let a car come speeding up to you and just put your hand out and stop it dead in its tracks. The moment you do something like this, it sort of flips a switch in your mind that makes you know that anything is possible. You feel a sense of freedom from the constraints of physics and reality and a sense of control and authority over your dream. You truly do feel like a master of lucid dreaming when you experience this full control and the possibilities are endless.

You must be right. It’s likely to be a mental block that inhibits us to realize that all is possible in a dream, I suppose.

It makes sense. If you force yourself into a situation where you really need your skills, you use them automatically. It sort of works in real life as well only limited by what you are actually able to do.
After that you see it’s possible. The flaw would be if you still fail it could reinforce your selfdoubt. Still I’d suggest doing all sorts of crazy things that you are afraid to do. I wish I was more lucid today when I was stuck on a ledge with a drop down to some water below. I knew I was draming, but feared the pain.

What you say is true and it could help most although I will say that it sounds risky for those who mistake reality for a dream and end up killing themself. You should know you’re dreaming before doing anything like this, otherwise you are risking your life - SERIOUSLY.

This technique to gain full control dabbles on the idea of confidence in your dreams and understanding you are dreaming 100% - but at the same time the more Lucid you are the better, regardless of your confidence you need to be in the right frame of mind. It’s probably best to train yourself to do a routine wakeup call in your lucid dreams.

Yeah, that does make a lot of sense because the only thing limiting what we can do in dreams is our perception of the laws of physics, so if we demonstrate to ourselves that it is not there in a dream we will know it is not and have no limitations.

As a side note to NeoMarine, in my experience it isn’t that difficult to know in RL that you aren’t dreaming, so it would be pretty hard to mistake RL for a LD. The real problem comes when you’re trying to determine that an LD isn’t RL.

Free your mind… Free your mind! Anything is possible in dreams! You ARE the One!

Why thankyou :smile: Yes Neo is the one :smile:

Thanx 4 the replies :smile:

I’m glad you all agree with it but yes i should have stressed how important it is to make sure you are in fact dreaming… we dont wont people killing themselves by mistake now do we. However, I do agree with Graech that it is very hard to mistake reality for a dream… its usually the other way around trying to work out if your dream is reality but this may not be the same for everyone.

Has anyone else experienced 100% full control before? where any power you try to use works perfectly first time for each and every power? it’s a great feeling… you feel really empowered and like your a god of your dream.

As far as I know, it’s has never happened. :happy: Then why to stress upon such an useless advice? :wink:

Thanks, I’ll try jumping out of a plane without a parachute and then start to fly in a dream or something…

Spartan, there are two cases in life:

  1. you are awake and then you know you’re awake and you know it’s real.
  2. you are dreaming… and in this case there are two cases again:
  • 2a) you believe it’s real.
  • 2b) you realize you’re dreaming.

Thus the comical idea that you can hurt yourself IRL because you think you’re in a dream may be funny but it’s certainly not realistic. Unless you are having a psychotherapy or you’re using too much illegal substances. :tongue:


I meant in a dream

I thought I didn’t have to put that …lol

Mwahaha! Sorry, I didn’t read your post carefully enough! :happy:

:happy: No problem :grin: