a dream in a dream!!!

oh man ive only ever had 1 ld before and it was about 2 seconds long. but the way it was initiated was in my dream i fell asleep and in my dreams dream i did an RC…

im just saying because ive been trying to use MILD for a while (and now that school certificates are over hopefully WBTB as well) and the other night (in a dream) i was sleeping on the edge of this bed while my friend was sleeping in the whole thing… and i remember seeing a white light and then all of a sudden my friend kicks me in the head and i say “hey i was about to LD”. just curious why didnt i realise that i was dreaming?

how many people have had this done before? any tips on how to initiate the LD…
also any WILD tips. what are good movies to watch before bed… i just saw spirited away. guna try some MILD

Sorry, can’t help you, but it happens to me quite often. Recentyl I had this weird nightmare about it
( in which I signed up on some internet thing to get LDs every night. Result was that, whenever I went to sleep in my dreamworld, I went lucid. Problem was that I kept having FAs all the time and that I didn’t manage to get out of it, so the situation became more and more threatening cause I was trapped in my LDs…)

Anyways, just wanted to say that for me this “dream inside a dream” is the typical situation for a fake LD. Means that I dream about realising that I am dreaming, without actually getting lucid (without understanding where I really am at that moment, since I think I am lying wherever I fell asleep in the first dream, and without the “day-counciousness”)


I have talked about LDing on in a ND on more than one occasion, and I never became lucid because of it. I find it funny when I am telling someone about hpw I can LD, when I am actually dreaming and are completely unaware of it. One time, I spent the whole dream trying to become lucid by very unconventional methods, (the kind of thing you would only think up in a dream). I was surprised that I didn’t become lucid because of this.

went lucid this morning,
woke up early, still having time to sleep, ireturned towards slumber.
always wanting a lucid dream, i tried to concentrate on relaxing, like hypnosis.
“you’re feeling heavy, sleep, sleep…”
i felt limpness flow from my extremeties inwards,
then i felt and heard a tremendous buzz, which might have deterred me from sleep usually.
however, i woke up from my sleep, but, upon performing a RC, which involved looking at my hand, i realized i was invisible, except for a silvery haze. i then knew i was lucid and had my way with my dreamworld, and did everything my imagination could conjure up doing!
so wake up for a spell, relax towrds heavy meditation, and then reality check. assure yourself that youre indeed dreaming, and youre there.
mine this morning seemed to last for at least thirty minutes. no kidding.
i’m learning that these LD’s may have uncomparable mind restorative properties, if actuated properly. best therapy a body could desire.