A Dream inside a Dream

here is an interesting thing

Ever had a dream inside a dream? i have and every time i do i am lucid in the second dream and when i awake i am not lucid in the 1st dream. but i am much more aware, no real suprise there and very likly to go lucid in the first dream. ok i am tlking in circles now

does any 1 else have this and can ANYONE explain why??


Yeah I had this a few times. Here’s my account of the most remarkable one:

It started as a non-lucid dream: I was sitting in a bar while talking to several people about a certain painting on the wall. Somehow I knew my dad made the painting.
The barkeeper wanted to sell it, but I tried to convince him not to do this, because the painting “has been so long in our family”.
At the end, nothing was decided about the painting so I went home and off to bed. As I lay down I thought of having a LD that night so I practiced MILD. A few seconds later I could feel myself becoming VERY heavy. I was fully aware I was asleep because I could see only a black void. This state of consciousness felt very strange.
I tried to stand up out of my sleeping body which eventually really worked, but the only thing I could see was… blackness. I demanded to have some view and immediately I saw one tiny pixel in the center of my sight. The pixel slowly began to grow. More and more pixels joined to form an amorphous mix of colours and shapes. First it was really nice to see this, but then I got annoyed. I wanted to dream!
Suddenly I just saw this kinda TV noise void (I don’t know the exact word) and 5 seconds later I found myself standing in front of a mirror in a strange room. This is where the actual LD begins.
I was fully aware I was dreaming and immediately went outside. There I saw a very thick fog hanging around. Everything was só real. I picked up some mud in my hands to stabilize the dream. I thought of flying away, but then I remembered some other dreams in which my flying resulted in waking up, so I decided not to do it.
I saw a bus coming in the distance, but before I could get on it, I woke up.

I don’t have a clue though why I became lucid…

yes i have something like that. I had a dream witch was about me living in a boring reality, then everynight i dreamt, i jumped into a little hole in the ground and came to this weird dreamworld where everything moved and so on. but i got more convenced that this was the real worl and not the boring one…until i releazed that non of them was real and i was dreaming! very weird and cool dream!
you prob go lucid in the secound dream becouse its more unreal then the first dream, because it has to be more unreal!? it would be weird if your waking life would be more unreal then your dreams :smile:

um i used to have a dream like this offen as well, did u jump into a shimmering void in the ground and did this hole ever close up over you? i had a dream like this and another eperson was lucid in ym dream and hence i became as well

interesting thought, why dream inside our dream.

i had another one that went sorta like this, long time ago and i dont want to look throughall my book :smile: i will post it as Two worlds in the dream diary place if u r interesed


it was just a hole in the floor, it was like a window to the other world and when i jumped into the other world i didnt think of the hole, but im pretty sure it closed after me. i got out of the world by just waking up into my first dream…
and yes its very strange that we have dreams inside dreams. but “we dreamers” think very much about dreams during day, what we dreamt, reality checks and so on. so our sub.consiusnes are used to it so its inside our dreams as well. maybe its when the mind starts to think within a dream; hmm this is weird and then makes it into a dream within the dream so then it would make sense if things were strange. by some reason the mind fights for not realizing that its just a dream…or i dont know… :smile:

i once had a lucid dream and then it started to fade so i tried the spinning technique and woke up in my bed (or so i thought). of course i was mad that the spinning didn’t work. i squinted at the clock and saw what time it was and went back to sleep and started to have a non-lucid dream.

when i woke up, i realized one thing. my eyesight is so bad that i can’t see the clock from my bed w/o my glasses or contacts, so it was an FA that turned back into a non-lucid dream shrug

hmm ok i found that dream

“i am running out of a building and i see some people jump into a sorta void in the ground, i am annoyed not 2 be the first one into teh hole. i jump in and land on some guy, the portal closess behind me.
i get up off the guy and walk around not aware where i am, i hear a voice in my head oh a doll says “richard we love you Richard” (this was the weirdest voice i have ever heard) i am looking around for that doll and a wholw cult of people are walking to wards me all with the dolls voice. (i dont know how i knew it was a doll but i did ) i see someone behind them all some one who seems diffrent, more aware. I go lucid and total freak out and awake.”

Ever had a dream with hundreds of ppl walking towards you with the same voice. this was an early ld so i didnt kill em damn it lol


ok… take a deep breath and repeat after me: i am not a homocidal maniac

there… don’t you feel better already?

heh, i can never seem to kill people even when i’m lucid. then again i’m usually flying around looking for some hot chick instead of a fight when i realize i’m dreaming :cool:. but when i do try to kill people i can knock them back flying about 100 feet but there won’t be a mark on them. it’s like i’m neo fighting a horde of smiths (whoa maybe that’s where they got that scene from)

hmm i manage to kill ppl a lot, well actaly i dont i shot them and i get shot and nothin happens to me, they just fall over. no blood though. when i have killed people and it was really killing theem i had 5 days of hell and the nights were worse but i dont want to dig up thoes mems so.

and maybe they did rip off ur dream, i know lets dream again but this time plant a crap movie idea in their head so they go down hill :cool:


concentrates on dreaming of a horde of energizer bunnies