A dream that seems like a good idea.

I had this dream lastnight about a chinese man who had this leather book.He called it a journal. When I walked up to him he had this monopoly like game peace, and was moving it around the page. He explained to me that the book was a spiritual practice, and that it had daily instructions on each page that you followed. The book might tell you to give it to someone else, or to burn the book. When I woke up it it really seemed like a cool idea for a book, but as time went on it seemed a little rediculous. Ever had a dream like that.

[color=darkblue]Are all your dreams so interesting?

I have had dreams like that but they are less common. I wake up and think it would make a great story but then you analyse what you have and realise it probably only clicks with you.

Dreams are very personal for me. Most other people don’t get my dreams. I have to tell them what happened twice and then they look at me like I’m insane![/color]

That is very very interesting. Dreams can be doors to new enlightments, and knowledge! :smile: Try this book out, it could really prove fun, or amazing, or something. But I like this idea in your dream :happy:

Several times I’ve dreamed ideas for movies or stories. In the dream I get excited over how great the ideas are. When I wake up usually they either don’t make sense or are obvious copies of other people’s ideas. :cry:

I’ve also had dream jokes that seemed hilarious, but when I woke up its like - The egg told the monkey June. :confused:

Occasionally though there are some good ideas. I think its always good to record your dreams. Then later on go back and see what you think of the ideas.

There are quite a few dreams that could be a story… with a little logical tweeking. My dream Brutality’s End was long and seemed to be in story form (though I haven’t taken the time to write it down that way) but there are things that just don’t make sense in it.

Would this make a enteresting book? Ive had a few more dreams about this book. In a dream I had about a year ago is was a book called “Robot”, and a DC told me I should change the name. Im really thinking about writing this book. Or what if it just makes sence in my dreams?

I think the interesting thing with the book is the unknown origin, Like. Handed down from chosen one to chosen one. I imagine it changes to suit the person so it doesn’t say the same thing every time. Now that’s what I though when I read your post. Something like a book like that.

Yae… This book has came to me in peices like a puzzle, and I learn more about it with each dream. Ive only had about 3 or four dreams about it. I had onece where someone handed me the book, and it had annimated drawings in it. I saw a picture of a bare under a night sky, and there was them beam of light that kept flashing from the sky. I was trying to remmber ho I had made the pictures animated, and I allmost became lucid, before I woke up.

That would be a fascinating idea! If the reader could learn it in this ‘puzzle fashion’ just as the main character did. It would add to the mystery and suspense. =0)

Kavaa, I has a dream similiar to that about a spiritual book. The only difference was it was not quite spirituality to me, it was exorcism. It soon became all a mystery to me in the back of my head.

I smell the necronomicon.

necronomicon… what does that word mean?

Definition: a book of the dead, a history of the customs of the dead

Ok, thats kinda scary… :eek:

I was refering to the made up mystical book of H.P. Lovecrafts writings. Some believe it exists.

I dont know what the deal is with these dreams Im having lattley. There so profound, and very spiritual. I had a dream a few nights ago where I was talking to someone, and I yalled “Im ready for the armaggedon”, then I see these small turtles, one of them had two heads, so I picked them up, and was throwing them into the trees so they couldnt crawl away. My dreams sometimes get to overwhelming, but its still alot of fun to lucid dream. The dream world is so amazing. L.Ding is so cool.

I once saw two men with a thick leather book. One told me it was the Book of My Life. He let me take a look at it and indeed, it was. I asked him if I could have it. He said okay but the other man didn’t want me to have the book. I wasn’t lucid, but it was still very cool.

I love dreams that tease you like that, It probley wouldnt be as good If he let you see the book, it would take away the mystery.

I have dreams like that. unfortunately i cant remmeebr any to tell you.

And yeah write that book and i will read it!