A dream with many wierd things

For once i successfully had an LD 1 week after my FLD (at least, i believe it was an LD)
How i (believed to) became lucid started when i was searching for someone in a primary school, and found a FLYING TRAM! which triggered lucidity (as i believe) but at the same time, a brick wall appeared and started to grey out, with me getting this wierd feeling, as if i was dispersing into the air. I rubbed my hands (somewhere i couldn’t see, was looking upwards) and the wall disappeared.
skips bits and pieces in the dream
Every time i found something unreal/illogical, a giant “clear” with an X covers that unreal thing (Much like maplestory’s PQ stages)

Now the wierd part:
Sometime throughout this dream, i had something in 1 eye, forcing me to close it BUT when i closed that eye, one of my eyes opened in the real world (ie. i was looking the real world in 1 eye, and the dream world in the other.). It only lasted for about 3 seconds and then i was fully in the real world, but re-entered that dream sometime later

It was really interesting looking in 2 places at once. My friend referred to this as “the twilight zone”. I hope i get another LD :happy:

P.S. the LD lasted around 20 minutes :happy:

I’ve had that happen to me, but it’s usually when I’m in SP, it’s really weird. I see my room, but I interpret what I see differently. Once I saw my mardrobe and somehow thought it was my father in sunglasses :confused: Then, without what I saw changing, my mind got clearer and it transformed into the wardrobe. I laughed a bit. :tongue: anyway, congrats on your (20 minute :eek: ) LD! May many more come!

I had a wierd part of an ld recently. I was rubbing my hands to try to stabalize the dream. However I was losing the battle and started waking up. Then I started to feel by bed beneath me however I could also feel my dream hands rubbing together. Pretty weird by also pretty funny.

That’s actually not to bad of a state to be in. just make sure you don’t stop rubbing as it still keeps you somewhat based in the dream. I’ve even had instances where I thought I was rubbing my RL hands but it turned out to be an FA. Just keep on rubbin’ and you can get that dream back!

I guess I left out some details regarding this “Twilight zone”
*One eye saw the real world (not a ‘fake’ world, the REAL THING) and the other in dreamworld
*I was able to feel the bed and blankets etc. but when i try to move around, my dream body moves
*The dreamworld wasn’t as clear/vivid during this timephase
*Did i mention it lasted around 5 seconds?

Anyway, THANKS for the ‘gratz’! now i just need to find a good place to hide (and access easily from my bed) a DJ.