A few dreams i've had...

I’ve had these re-occuring dreams for months that ended a few months ago, and i’m not sure what they mean.

In the dream, I can’t walk. I have legs and feet, but I have no use of my legs below my knees. I can walk along if I have a railing to lean on, but if I don’t the only way to get around is to get down on my knees, and shuffle along. When i’m walking with the support of something, my legs just feel really weak, like I have no energy to hold myself up unless I hold onto something.

In most of the dreams everything is random, I could be at a birthday party with some friends, or at a swimming pool, etc. I remember getting around looking up at everybody else, who can walk, walk by me.

In the last dream of this ‘series’, I got a wheelchair, and I was so happy, because I could finally get around.

My brother has a disease that affects his balance, and he can’t walk unless he links arms with one of my parents to walk, or unless he hangs on to some railings. Other wise he’ll just walk for a few steps, loose his balance, and fall down. He has a wheelchair, but he doesn’t use it very often. He doesn’t like it because it makes him look different from other people, and he would like to stay mobile for as long as possible.

I don’t know if that has anything to do with the dreams, but if anyone could help me interpret them, that’d be great.

Also, occasionally, I have dreams where I can’t see very well. I’m not completely blind, but it’s like my vision is impaired by black/grey dots and I can barely see, except for outines of objects. Sometimes in dreams my eyes are like stuck half shut, and I can barely see, and when I lift my head up to see the faces of the people i’m talking to, the light hurts my eyes. Kind of like when your pupils have to ajust to light all of a sudden.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me interpret these dreams!!!

its like you have a loss of control in some major aspect of your life thats bothereing your SC