A few questions about being lucid

A few weeks ago, i may have had a low level lucid dream. I remember saying “I am dreaming.” Although i could barely hear myself. I also remeber gaining a bit of awareness :content: , though it was for an extremely short time. I just couldnt ask any questions cuz the forums were down.

I was wondering :eh: : In a lucid dream, are you fully aware of yourself and totally in control of your actions, like in the waking world? Or do you only have partial (25%,50%,75%) control?

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Hello. I don’t always have control in my Lucid dreams. I accidently started running uncontrolably when I first Lucid dreamed. But control is quite easy. You have to learn to control asspects like flying etc. But I’m not particularly an expert on this. I’m not sure if no control means it isn’t a proper LD.

Its also amazing that if your avatar is bigger than 65 x 65 then you don’t get as good dreams as usual, and the Overseer (PasQuale) will snap at you. This is why: https://community.ld4all.com/t/avatar-and-signature-guidelines/21628 (But I’m not having a go at you.)

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Depending on your level of lucidity, you can be anywhere from no control to complete control. Once you gain a little experience, you tend to be in complete control of your self in an LD. :confused:

i just tried to go lucid at least 30 mins ago during a short nap. i used the mantra “I will lucid dream. I will move from waking to lucidity.” I repeated it over and over again in my head untill i fell asleep. Unfortunately, nothing happened :sad: . I will try again tonight.